Sunday, April 22, 2012

August Week 3, Year 2

Goldberg introduced the new WCW Title. It's a new day in WCW.

Match 1. Extreme Rules - Rikishi vs. Foley vs. Blackman vs. Bradshaw  Hardcore Championship
This is the first step in Bradshaw's heel run. Rikishi grabbed a title from a fan and Blackman brought in a ladder. Rikishi is bringing in weapon after weapon. First it was a chair, then a garbage can. There must have been a glitch in the match because for about three minutes, Foley picked up and dropped the title without doing anything with it. Rikishi retained after a belly-to-back suplex on Foley.

Match 2. Austin vs. Kane w/ Sting
Sting making his second appearance on Raw. Why? Sting was on the apron while Kane and Austin were fighting. Austin took a break and went after Sting, but that wasn't a good idea as Kane regained control. Austin hit a powerbomb on Kane. Austin went for a Stunner but Kane blocked it and went for a chokeslam but Austin blocked that. He was able to hit two Stunners, but no pin attempt. After a back body drop, Austin got the win.

Match 3. New Age Outlaws vs. Corporation
Despite being a face, Test was teaming up with his heel partner. Shamrock went to grab a chair and Road Dogg followed but he got caught in a double team. There was a lot of tag team action. The Outlaws tried building some momentum, but the Corporation had their number. Test pinned Mr. Ass for the win.

Main Event. TLC - Taker vs. ??? Al Snow
Could HBK be returning? Nope, it's Al Snow. Now, I'm kind of bummed. Taker was climbing the ladder but Snow pushing the ladder and Taker fell through a table. Taker got sat right up. Taker seemed pissed as he hit Snow with a Tombstone out of nowhere. Austin ran from the crowd and entered the ring. Austin hit Snow with a Stunner while Taker grabbed the briefcase. 

Match 1. Pink Slip Match - Jarrett vs. Saturn
The loser will be fired. Both men were making a case on why they should be kept. Jarrett hit a Pedigree, but Saturn wasn't affected. Jarrett hit The Stroke but Saturn kicked out at 2. Jarrett kept the attack strong as he hit a pump handle drop to win.

Match 2. 4 Horsemen vs. Varsity Club
This is a tornado tag match. Two technical wrestlers going at it with two showmen. Perfect and Luger dominated Benoit and Malenko. Hennig pinned Malenko with a swinging neck breaker. The Varsity Club is working their way up in the tag ranks with a win tonight.

Match 3. Jericho vs. Hogan
Before the match started, Vader took a seat next to the announcers. Each man had their run on offense. Hogan used his strength when Jericho was using his speed. Hogan hit a huge back breaker and then reversed Jericho running into a power slam. After a clothesline in the turnbuckle, Hogan scored the pin.

After the match, Vader entered the ring and attacked Jericho. Hogan made the save and tossed Vader out of the ring.

Main Event. Goldberg vs. Nash w/ Steiner
Nash ran to the ring and took down Goldberg. I thought this feud was over at Summerslam. These two were in the corner fighting. Steiner hopped up in the apron and suplexed Goldberg to the outside. This match picked up right where the hell in a cell left off. Nash won with the Jackknife.

After the match, Steiner grabbed a chair and hit Goldberg. He then handed the chair to Nash who hit him another time.

Recap: Raw was very entertaining. I'm curious to see where the Sting/Kane pairing is going. Jarrett survives another week on Nitro. WCW is a little more tame than WWF right now.

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