Thursday, April 12, 2012

June Week 1, Year 2

This week begins the King of the Ring tournament. There are 12 Superstars from each show. There will be a triple threat match to find out who represent WWE and WCW. The man who wins their show's match will meet the other winner in the main event of the King of the Ring.

Match 1. X-Pac vs. Big Show  Quarterfinal
This is going to be a tough first round for X-Pac. Show used his fists to beat down Pac while he was using his speed. Bradshaw ran down to the ring as soon as Pac hit the X-Factor. Show was on the receiving end of many kicks to the head. Despite that, Show stepped on the chest of X-Pac and picked up the win.

Match 2. Lawler vs. Michaels  Quarterfinal
This may be Jerry Lawler's first match on Raw. Triple H attacked Michaels as he was heading to the ring. That may have been the only way Lawler could win. HBK was able to recover and defend himself. After hitting two piledrivers, Lawler advances.

After the match, Angle returned and threw Lawler into the steps and turnpost.

Match 3. Angle vs. Henry  Quarterfinal
Since Kurt just returned, he will be competing in the KOTR tournament. Lawler ran down and attacked Henry. Angle is shocked. He continued his attack and his a German suplex. After a couple of more moves, Angle pinned Henry to move on to the semis.

After the match, Lawler and Lord Tensai attacked Angle.

Main Event. Iron Man - Kane Ken Shamrock vs. Taker
After Undertaker's inference, Kane wants some revenge. Kane was heading to the ring, but Ken Shamrock seems to be his replacement. Shamrock caught Taker by surprise and was able to mount some offense. It's been five and a half minutes and Taker just scored the first point with a Tombstone. Shamrock went for a pin, but Taker kicked out at 2. Shamrock got pissed and tossed the referee. Oh, it's tied at one (I guess I missed Ken's point). Taker took the lead with another Tombstone. After two huge belly-to-belly suplexes, Shamrock  is up 3-2. Taker quickly tied it with his third Tombstone and then took the lead with a pin. The final was 4-3, Taker.

After the match, Shamrock and Taker continued their fight at the top of the ramp.

Match 1. Jarrett vs. Regal  Quarterfinal
The winner will take on either Jericho or Warrior in 2 weeks. Regal, the technician he is, is taking Jarrett to school. Jarrett got some moves in but nothing to take Regal off his game. The match moves to the outside. Jarrett hit The Stroke and won.

Match 2. Jericho vs. Warrior  Quarterfinal
This was an evenly-fought match. They were going move for move. After a couple of minutes, Jericho took complete control. He hit a couple of different backbreakers. Warrior was able to move on after catching Jericho in a small package.

Match 3. nWo vs. New Age Outlaws
It looks like Mr. Ass dragged Road Dogg into this battle. It's the battle of tag team champions of the wooooorld! Nash was walking down to the ring alone. Maybe Hall got sick of Mr. Ass. Nash was getting dominated by both opponents. Nash was going to hit the Jackknife on Mr. Ass but he reversed it. Road Dogg hit the pump handle slam to win.

After the match, Steiner came out to check on Nash.

Main Event. Booker T vs. Bagwell  Quarterfinal
While watching this match, I still believe WWE messed up the Invasion storyline really bad. Booker hit a harsh combo of an Irish whip into the corner leading to a German Suplex. Booker ended it with the Scissors Kick.

Recap: Lawler gets his ass kicked, yet helps Angle against Henry. Then when the match is over, attacks him in return. This is going to be interesting. And what does Lord Tensai have to do with this? Raw is getting good! Kane is so smart. Why bother facing his brother? He's the WWF Champ, dammit! I get it now. Scott Hall was jealous that Steiner was Nash's partner last week. This will be the split of the nWo. Just watch.

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