Wednesday, April 11, 2012

May Week 4, Year 2

We are 4 weeks away from the...King of the Ring! Yes, I am bringing back the 5th major PPV in WWE. Next week, I will begin quarterfinal matches on both Raw and Nitro.

Match 1. Triple H and X-Pac vs. The Hardys
DX is back in action this week taking on Matt and Jeff. Raw is filled with tag teams; it's hard to get them all on the card each week. The Game started it off, but quickly tag in X-Pac. DX weakened both Hardys with quick tags. After a long beatdown, Matt was finally able to tag in Jeff. This match has been going on for about 15 minutes at this point. It seems like the CAWs don't want to pin their opponents. Triple H finally pinned Matt after a neckbreaker.

Match 2. Edge and Angle vs. Rock and Vince
I'm surprised this storyline is still going on. Angle grabbed a sledgehammer early in the match, but didn't use it. Vince was tagged in but was double teamed by Edge and Angle. Vince was able to gain his composure and take on Edge. After a face buster, Edge pinned Vince.

Match 3. Last Man Standing - Test vs. Goldust
See above statement. Test was showing off his strength early and often. Goldust hit the Final Cut, but Test was only down for a one count. Goldust landed a huge DDT, planting Test on his head which led to the 10 count.

After the match, Goldust put his hand out but Test slapped it away.

Main Event. Kane vs. Austin
A rematch from last night's WWF Title match. To make things interesting on Raw, I interfered with Taker and attacked Kane. Austin wouldn't let me hit Last Ride, but I was able to hit Old School. Austin picked up the victory.

Match 1. DDP vs. Luger
Luger has been on a roll in the past couple of weeks. Could he be Flair's next opponent for the WCW Title? DDP is trying to end his streak. DDP hit the Diamond Cutter but Luger kicked out at one. Luger came back and made DDP tap from the Torture Rack.

Match 2. 6-man Battle Royal - Benoit vs. Jericho vs. Saturn vs. Eddie vs. Rey vs. Vader
The winner will face the United States Champion for a future title shot. For some reason, Rey went after Vader. Saturn was the first to go. Jericho dropkicked Benoit out of the ring. Rey eliminated his tag partner. Rey and Vader tossed out Jericho. Rey pushed Vader out to win the match. 

Match 3. Hall vs. Billy Gunn w/ Steamboat
I guess the only reason Steamboat is involved is because of his rivalry with Scott Hall. I do like that Gunn and Hall are finally facing off after weeks of attacks. Hall was in control early in the match. Mr. Ass got back on offense from the help of The Dragon. Billy Gunn hit the Fame-Asser to score the pin.

Main Event. Flair and Anderson vs. Nash and Steiner
With Hall defeated and Hogan injured, Big Sexy looked elsewhere for a partner. He landed on Big Poppa Pump. The champ went after his main challenger as soon as the bell rang. Steiner pinned Anderson after a German suplex pin.

After the match, the New Age Outlaws attacked Nash and Steiner with their tag titles.

Recap: With around 28 guys on each roster, it's really tough to get them all on the card each week. By slapping Goldust's hand away, Test is apparently a face. What? A WWE Superstar beat a WCW star on Nitro. What a memorable moment!

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