Wednesday, April 18, 2012

July Week 2, Year 2

Match 1. Gauntlet - Big Show vs. Jeff, Matt and Steve Blackman
Show will face each man individually. Can he defeat all 3? Jeff proved to be a challenge to Show in the first match. Jeff won the match by hitting a Twist of Fate after reversing the Showstopper.

Match 2. Rock vs. Undertaker
The People's Champ vs. The Deadman. Taker was putting Rock in a bunch of different holds. This match was all Taker. He hit the Last Ride and Tombstone, but didn't pin Rock. He went outside and grabbed a sledgehammer. Taker hit another Tombstone to secure the win.

Match 3. Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Angle and Triple H
Scotty was waiting for his opponents, but Angle attacked him from behind. Triple H was tagged in, hit the Pedigree and pinned Scotty.

After the match, Triple H grabbed a chair just like last week. However, Lawler ran in and made the save.

Main Event. Kane and Holly vs. Edge and ??? Austin
Edge's partner is Stone Cold! Kane and Edge started the match. Kane hit Edge with a chokeslam surprisingly early. However, Edge was able to get up and tag in Austin. Holly and Kane continued to double team Edge, with Austin having to break up pin attempts. Holly hit Austin with the Falcon Arrow suplex and then a double underhook back breaker to knock out Stone Cold.

Match 1. Chavo vs. Ultimo Dragon vs. Rey  Cruiserweight Title
It was every man for himself as soon as the bell rang. I wonder what Eddie thinks of his partner going for a single's title. The champ was at risk of losing his title many times. Chavo hit Ultimo with the Gory Bomb. Rey hit Chavo with the 619 and senton splash. Dragon brought in a chair for some insurance. Dragon hit Chavo with an inverted float-over DDT to knock the champ out. Dragon is the new champ!

Match 2. Eddie vs. Steamboat
If Rey can compete in singles action, so can Eddie. This is a non-title match. Eddie hit Three Amigos on the champ. He then hit another high-angle suplex and pinned Steamboat.

Match 3. Jericho vs. Savage
Hogan attacked Jericho as he was making his way to the ring. Savage has a title shot for any belt in WCW after winning the battle royal. Despite the attack, Jericho was showing The Macho Man his technical skills. Savage took his turn on offense. Jericho won after a Codebreaker.

After the match, Vince came out to announce Jericho had another opponent.

Match 4. Jericho vs. Hogan
Hogan took advantage of Jericho's weaken state. Surprisingly, Jericho was still on top of his game, putting the hurt on Hogan. Out of nowhere, Jericho hit the Codebreaker, but Hogan kicked out at two. A couple of minutes later, Jericho caught Hogan in a roll-up and won.

Main Event. Nash vs. Goldberg
No Scott Hall this week. It looks like Goldberg is the #1 contender for Nash's WCW Title. Nash hit Goldberg with a chokeslam and a tilt-a-whirl slam. Goldberg turned it up and hit Nash with a side kick. Nash hit Goldberg with a Jackknife but it was only a 2 count. Goldberg hit the Jackhammer and pinned the champ in the middle of the ring.

Recap: I'm liking this team of Angle and Triple H. Lawler is a face because of his alliance with Scotty. First McMahon, then Test and now Lawler? What a strange turn of events in WWE. Vince runs WCW? Jericho won two matches in the same night. He's moving up in WCW.

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