Friday, April 13, 2012

June Week 2, Year 2

Match 1. Godfather vs. Mick Foley  Quarterfinal
This is one odd duo that I booked here. Foley had Godfather in a bear hug but he broke out of it. Out of nowhere, Kane's pyro went off and he ran to the ring. He then chokeslammed Godfather and left. Foley hit a double-arm DDT but didn't get the win. After some back and forth, Foley locked in Mr. Socko and soon after got the victory.

Match 2. Rock vs. Christian  Quarterfinal
The winner will face Jerry Lawler next week. The Peeple's Champ was giving a beating to the People's Champ. The match moved to the outside and Rock hit the Rock Bottom to win. 

Match 3. Triple H vs. Big Show  Quarterfinal
The last of WWE's first round matches. I wonder if HBK will cost The Game his match. Show was using his strength to teach Triple H a lesson. It seemed like Triple H turned his game on, but it was taking a while to load. Big Show hit the Showstopper but The Game kicked out at 2.9. Show kicked out of a Pedigree at 1. These two were going back and forth with pins, trying to end this match. After many pin attempts, Show finally won after a swinging DDT.

Main Event. Taker vs. Edge
This may be the #1 contender's match next week to see who faces Kane. Taker beat down Edge in every corner of the ring. He hit the Tombstone and then grabbed a chair. This match had a glitch in it - Edge had the chair in his hand during every move. It was quite entertaining. After a few minutes of glitch action, Taker hit another Tombstone to win.

After the match, Edge low blowed Taker as he faked a knee injury.

Match 1. Malenko vs. Saturn  Quarterfinal
The winner will take on Booker T next week. Saturn was in control early, put Malenko in a headlock. Flair ran down to the ring to help his Horsemen teammate. Malenko won with a fisherman suplex pin.

Match 2. Savage vs. Goldberg  Quarterfinal
After a minute of reversals, Goldberg gained the upperhand with a mudhole stomping. Savage dug down deep and unleashed his madness. However, it wasn't enough as he received a Jackhammer. The match ended with another Jackhammer outside of the ring.

Match 3. New Age Outlaws vs. nWo
Is Hall going to show up this week or will he still feel some jealousy? I may have missed something, but Steiner is Nash's partner. Nash seemed pissed because he was taking out both members of the Outlaws. Both teams isolated their opponent during the match. After a belly-to-belly and a headbutt, Steiner pinned Mr. Ass outside the ring.

Main Event. Sting vs. Bret Hart  Quarterfinal
This is the final quarterfinal match. Two submission experts in the ring right now. Which move will win - Scorpion Death Lock or the Sharpshooter? Sting was going for the Death Drop, but Bret reversed it. Bret locked him in the Sharpshooter and Sting tapped out.

After the match, Kane and Test were at the top of the ramp. Kane was clapping for Bret.

Recap: The next round is set. WWF- Show vs. Angle; Lawler vs. Rock; Foley vs. Triple H (due to a mistake). WCW - Bret vs. Goldberg; Jarrett vs. Warrior; Malenko vs. Booker. What was the Corporation doing on Nitro?

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