Friday, April 20, 2012

July Week 4, Year 2

I regret to inform you that after losing the United States Title, Steamboat has decided to retire.

Match 1. Rock vs. Big Show
Rock was able to hit a superplex early in the match. Show returned the favor with a huge powerbomb. Rock hit another superplex a little later. Despite that, Show hit Rock with the WMD, but he got up. After the alley-oop, Big Show pinned Rock for the win.

Match 2. Triple H vs. Christian vs. Mark Henry
The Game and Henry were teaming up on Christian, but it didn't last long. All three men began fighting for themselves. Christian hit HHH with a running heel kick then hit Mark Henry with a front suplex. Henry won by making Triple H tap out with a bear hug.

Match 3. Edge vs. Kane vs. Austin
Austin was heading to the ring, but Kane came out from under it and beat him down. During the match, Austin and Edge teamed up for a short period of time and punched out Kane. Austin received a thunderous chokeslam by Kane. Edge won by hitting Austin with a German suplex pin.

After the match, Edge and Austin shook hands and raised arms in celebration.

Main Event. Taker vs. Angle
The WWF champ is taking on a possible challenger. Taker beat his brother, Kane, at Money in the Bank. Taker hit the Tombstone but only got a 2 count. Taker won the match after hitting a running DDT on Angle.

After the match, Kane ran down and hit Taker with the WWF Title.

Match 1. DDP vs. Scott Hall
Mr. Money in the Bank taking on one half of the WCW Tag champs. In case you missed it, Hall celebrated with Nash after his victory at the PPV. Hall tried to cheat his way to victory by putting his feet on the ropes during a pin. Halfway into the match, DDP hit the Diamond Cutter. Page pinned Hall after a mudhole stomping in the corner.

Match 2. Eddie and Rey vs. Varsity Club
For those of you who didn't see, Mr. Perfect and Lex Luger formed the team Varsity Club. This was a tornado tag team match. Hennig hit a swinging neckbreaker on Eddie. Rey fell victim to the Torture Rack and no choice but to tap.

Match 3. Jericho vs. Hogan
Behind the referee's back, Hulk took out brass knuckles and hit Jericho in the jaw. The match spilled out in front of the announcer's table. Jericho hit an enziguri then a Codebreaker. Jericho reversed Hogan's back body drop into a roll-up and got the 3.

After the match, Hogan and Jericho continued their fighting on the ramp. They were broken up by several referees and officials

Main Event. Nash vs. Goldberg
Both men went back and forth during the early going. Steiner ran down to the ring. Nash reversed the Jackhammer. Steiner then hit a belly-to-belly on Goldberg. Nash hit the Jackknife but got a 1 count. Goldberg finally hit the Jackhammer and won.

Recap: Edge has turned face after his post-match actions with Austin. Damn,WWE is losing heel after heel. 

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