Thursday, April 19, 2012

July Week 3, Year 2

Money in the Bank is this Sunday. I wonder who will be in the ladder match.

Match 1. Taker and HBK vs. Test and Shamrock
An odd pairing of Mchaels and The Deadman taking on members of the Corporation. HBK and Test started off the match. HBK hit Test with two consecutive piledrivers. Taker and Michaels were working well as a team. Michaels chased Shamrock out of the ring but was trapped by Test as well. Taker hit the Tombstone on Test but Shamrock broke it up at the last minute. Shamrock pinned HBK after a running neckbreaker.

After the match, an EMT checked on Michaels. He wasn't moving. 

Match 2. Foley vs. Al Snow
Foley was dominating Snow for the first couple of minutes. These two will have future shots at the Hardcore Title in the next month. Foley locked Mr. Socko on Snow. Foley won after the double-arm DDT.

After the match, Al Snow was carried away on a stretcher.

Match 3. Stone Cold and Edge vs. Holly and Kane
This is the rematch from last week's tag match. Austin came down to the ring along. No one knew where Edge was. Holly and Kane both had their way with Stone Cold. Kane hit Austin with a chokeslam then pinned him.

After the match, Edge checked on Austin but Kane hit him with a chair.

Main Event. Angle vs. ??? Triple H
Triple H is his opponent! After weeks of teaming up, Triple H turned on Angle. Angle was taken by surprise when Triple H's music hit. Angle went for a moonsault, but HHH put his knees up to block it. Triple H hit a hard back drop on Angle then took out his left leg to score the pin.

Match 1. 4-man Battle Royal - Warrior vs. Regal vs. Jarrett vs. Booker
Warrior and Jarrett went for eliminations very early. They succeeded as Regal and Booker were tossed out simultaneously. Warrior and Jarrett remained. Warrior eventually kicked Jarrett out of the ring to win.

Match 2. Savage vs. Steamboat  United States Championship
Savage is cashing in his title shot that he won at King of the Ring. This match should be a classic. Macho Man hit a couple of neck breakers. Steamboat fought back with a combination of kicks. Steamboat retained the title by hitting a powerful missile dropkick off the top rope.

Match 3. Jericho vs. Hogan
Before the match started, Hulk put his hand out for a handshake. Jericho fell for it as Hogan kicked him in the stomach. Hogan hit Jericho with a suplex. He then went for a body slam, but Jericho reversed it into a suplex of his own. Outside the ring, Hogan hit Jericho with the "Hulking Up" punches and pinned him to win.

After the match, Jericho was leaving the ring but Hogan continued the assault.

Main Event. Nash vs. Goldberg
The ref was checking Goldberg for a weapon while Nash was putting on brass knuckles. He hit Goldberg in the jaw with them and down he went. Scott Hall ran down to the ring while Goldberg hit the Jackhammer. When he was done, Hall hit him with the Outsider's Edge. Goldberg went after him. Even after receiving another Jackhammer, Nash was able to pin Goldberg after he hit a back drop.

After the match, Nash grabbed a chair and hit Goldberg a few times.

Recap: Michaels is injured. Sucks man. Al Snow is also injured but I'm not too concerned with him. Why did Triple H decide to face Angle? However, Triple H is still listed as injured.

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