Saturday, April 14, 2012

June Week 3, Year 2

The last week before the King of the Ring pay-per-view. Al Snow was supposed to be Triple H's opponent last week, not Big Show. I couldn't read my handwriting. So, Triple H moves on to the semis.

Match 1. Lawler vs. Rock  Semifinals
The King started first on offense but Rocky came back. He hit a couple of elbow drops and a snapmare. Rock advances to WWE's finals after a Rock Bottom. 

Match 2. Show vs. Angle  Semifinals
Just like against X-Pac, Show was using his strength. However, Angle is stronger and smarter in the ring. Angle put Show on the top turnbuckle, but he reversed it and speared Angle from the top. Jerry Lawler was shown walking down the ramp with a chair in hand. Edge then appeared in the crowd and hopped over the barricade. Despite all the interference, Show pinned Angle after a full nelson.

Match 3. Foley vs. Triple H  Semifinals
Foley started the match like a bat out of Hell. He attacked Triple H with a knee breaker and a bear hug. He continued with a bulldog and a suplex. Triple H finally woke up. He hit a spinebuster and the Pedigree, but didn't go for the pin. After a few near falls, Foley attempted a Pedigree on Triple H but he reversed it and landed his own to knock out Foley.

After the match, Triple H grabbed a chair but Goldust took it away from him. Triple H left the ring, but Goldust hit Foley anyway.

Main Event. Kane vs. Taker
Will Kane actually face his brother this week? Taker was waiting for Kane to enter, but he attacked him from behind. Kane hit the Tombstone then grabbed a chair. Taker got up and took control. He DDTed Kane on the chair then went for a Last Ride, but Kane reversed it. Taker did hit the Tombstone but Kane got right back up. After much back and forth action, Taker finally hit the Last Ride and ended up knocking out Kane.

Match 1. Booker vs. Malenko
Despite being much smaller, Dean was able to execute some high impact moves. Malenko went for a powerbomb, but Booker reversed it. After many suplexes, Malenko hit a high-angle suplex to win.

Match 2. Jarrett vs. Warrior
This was a fast-paced match from the get go. Neither man let their opponent rest. Warrior dropped Jarrett to the mat after a military press. Warrior pinned Jarrett after a back body drop.

Match 3. Nash and Steiner vs. New Age Outlaws
I'm still wondering where Scott Hall is. Nash hit Road Dogg with a super fall away slam. Mr. Ass was on the receiving end of a Jackknife but he was able to escape the ring. After many tags from both teams, Road Dogg pinned Nash after a dropkick to the head.

Main Event. Bret Hart vs. Goldberg
I wish I saw this match during the WCW days. It sucks that Goldberg hurt Bret, though. Bret needed to teach Goldberg a lesson, so he grabbed a chair. Unfortunately for Bret, Goldberg took it from him and hit him on the head. After a Jackhammer then a back body drop, Goldberg pinned Bret to advance.

Recap: Goldust officially returned and is now a heel. The next round of the King of the Ring is set. For WWE, it will be Show vs. Rock vs. Triple H. On the WCW side, it's Malenko vs. Warrior vs. Goldberg. 

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