Wednesday, April 18, 2012

July Week 1, Year 2

Match 1. 4-Way - Shamrock vs. Holly vs. Blackman vs. Jeff Hardy  European Title
Holly and Shamrock went at it while Blackman and Jeff locked up. Jeff hit a springboard DDT on Blackman. Blackman was going for his finisher on Holly, but Jeff broke it up. Jeff had Blackman pinned but Shamrock broke it up at 2.9. Holly tried his shot at pinning Blackman and he was successful. Holly is the new European Champion.

Match 2. Test vs. Rikishi vs. Henry
This is a non-title triple threat match. Test stayed away while Rikishi and Henry went at it. That didn't last long as Rikishi trapped Test in a bear hug. The match ended with Henry hitting Rikishi with the World's Strongest Slam and knocking him out.

Match 3. Lawler Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Angle and Triple H
This doesn't seem fair for The King. I wonder if he has something up his sleeve. Lawler came out holding his arm. Scotty 2 Hotty replaced him. Be careful Scotty, you could get injured. Early on, Scotty hit Angle with a super hurricanrana. As if the 2 on 1 advantage wasn't enough, Angle brought in a chair. He hit an Angle Slam to knock out Scotty.

After the match, Triple H brought in a chair and continued the attack on Scotty 2 Hotty.

Main Event. Stone Cold vs. Edge
Edge was on his way to the ring, but Bradshaw attacked him from behind. Without Farooq, I guess Bradshaw needs to do something. Edge was able to wake up and defend himself. Austin stomped a mudhole in Edge then hit the Stone Cold Stunner. Austin pinned Edge after a running clothesline.

After the match, Kane hit Austin in the head with the WWF Title.

Match 1. Benoit and Malenko vs. Steiner and Bagwell
This tornado tag match could determine the next contenders for the WCW Tag Titles. The representatives of the 4 Horsement are showing their skills to Steiner and Bagwell. This match was mostly Benoit and Malenko. It ended with Benoit pinning Steiner after a knee to the gut.

Match 2. Bret Hart vs. Chris Jericho
Two submission experts going at it in the ring. Hart and Jericho went back and forth with grapples and strikes. Jericho hit Bret with the Codebreaker but Bret kicked out at 2. Bret knocked Jericho to the outside, then went after him. Bret won after an arm drag leg drop combo.

Match 3. Sting vs. Vader
Sting was having a hard time getting Vader off his feet early. But he was able to reverse some of Vader's moves. Vader used his strength to hit a huge powerbomb on Sting. Vader went for a chokeslam but Sting reversed it. After the third powerbomb, Vader pinned Sting.

After the match, a WCW official checked on Sting, who was face down in the ring.

Main Event. Nash vs. Hall vs. Goldberg
Nash hit the first move, hitting Scott Hall with a back drop. I thought this would be a handicap match, but Hall and Nash were going after each other. Goldberg brought a chair into the match to even the odds. Goldberg hit a spear on Nash and won the match.

After the match, Nash threw a temper tantrum and punched Michael Cole.

Recap: Is the nWo slowly falling apart? Sting is injured. His return is questionable.

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