Sunday, April 15, 2012


The winner of the King of the Ring tournament will receive a shot at their brand's main title at the next PPV. My picks are Goldberg vs. Rock in the finals.

Match 1. Fatal 4-way - Flair vs. Steiner vs. Nash vs. Hall  WCW Championship
This is where Hall is! He's been training for his title match. Is Hall going to go into singles action if he wins? He's still tag champs with Nash. Early in the match, Nash and Hall were going at it, but they quickly separated. Nash hit Steiner with the Jackknife. Steiner returned the favor by hitting Nash with a belly-to-belly suplex. To seal the victory, Nash hit Steiner with a second Jackknife.

Match 2. Test vs. Angle  Intercontinental Championship
With Test now a face, can Angle bring the IC Title to the heel side with the rest of the belts? These two were going back and forth, power move for power move. Despite receiving Test's finisher, Angle hit him with the Angle Slam. To finish it, Angle hit another Angle Slam to win the title.

Match 3. Show vs. Rock vs. HHH  WWE Finals
This is 3/4 of the WrestleMania 2000 main event. HHH and Rock double teamed Show and took him out of the ring for a short amount of time. Triple H was dominating The Rock as Big Show just watched. The Game hit the Pedigree on Big Show. Then Rock hit HHH with the float-over DDT. A few minutes later, Show hit Rock with the Showstopper. Triple H hit Rock with two Pedigrees and knocked him out.

Match 4. Goldberg vs. Malenko vs. Warrior  WCW Finals
Well, I lost the first match. Let's see if my prediction for this one comes true. Malenko was very tactical as he was picking the right times to attack. Goldberg hit Warrior with the Jackhammer. The match continued for another five minutes. Goldberg later hit Malenko with a Jackhammer. This match is definitely over 20 minutes long. Goldberg hit Warrior with a one-handed spinebuster to knock him out.

Match 5. 6-man Battle Royal - Austin vs. Henry vs. Savage vs. Regal vs. DDP vs. Hardcore Holly
The winner will receive a shot at any title on their show. Holly makes his debut for WWE! Mark Henry eliminated Regal. Holly was tossed out. Savage flipped DDP over the ropes. Savage punched Henry off the apron. He and Austin remain. Savage ran his knee into Austin's head for the final elimination.

Main Event. Triple H vs. Goldberg  King of the Ring Finals
Michaels was shown at ringside holding a ticket. Goldberg grabbed a fan's crutch but did nothing with it. Goldberg brought in a garbage can to add to the mess that included a chair and sledgehammer. HHH ended up next to HBK and Michaels punched him. Goldberg hit HHH with a Jackhammer outside the ring. Triple H hit Goldberg with a Pedigree but no pin attempt. Goldberg hit HHH with another Jackhammer to knock him out.

After the match, Triple H was carried away on a stretcher.

Recap: All the WWE titles belong to the heels. Can the babyfaces regain the belts?

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