Saturday, April 21, 2012

August Week 2, Year 2

The leader of the 4 Horsemen is a heel. But why?

Match 1. Cage - Test vs. Christian  Intercontinental Championship
Test was surprised when he heard he had to defend his IC Title. Christian made a couple of early attempts to escape. Since he couldn't escape, Christian hit the Killswitch and tried pinning Test but he kicked out. Test pulled down Christian for the 4th time. He hit a swinging neckbreaker and got the 3 count.

After the match, Christian raised Test's hand in victory. What class shown by Christian. 

Match 2. Holly vs. Edge
Unlike his partner's match, Edge will not be fighting for the title. Austin ran down to the ring and went after Holly. Austin hit him with the Stone Cold Stunner. Despite that, Holly hit Edge with the Falcon Arrow and the Alabama Slam. Holly reversed Edge's spear from the top rope. He hit another Falcon Arrow and pinned Edge for the win.

Match 3. Stone Cold vs. Kane
These two have had some epic matches earlier in the year. They are both looking to get back to the top and face Taker for the WWF Title. Taker made his way to the ring and took a seat with the announcers. Kane hit a pump handle drop. Austin went for a powerbomb, but Kane reversed it and pinned him to score the win.

After the match, Kane was celebrating like a mid-carder. He did grab a chair to punish Austin, but Sting ran down! He took the chair from Kane, yet he hit Austin himself.

Main Event. Undertaker vs. Triple H
With the previous match and this one, I'm seeing a preview of the Brothers of Destruction vs. The Power Trip. Taker hit Triple H with the Tombstone but got a 2 count. Road Dogg ran down to the ring and hit Taker with the pump handle slam. Triple H made his comeback and hit the Pedigree for the win.

After the match, Triple H was going to leave the ring, but he turned around and continued stomping. 

Match 1. DDP vs. Scott Hall
DDP still hasn't hinted and when or where he's going to cash in his title shot. Scott Hall was in complete control over WCW's People's Champ. He hit two Outsider's Edge in a row, yet no pin attempt was made. Hall dropped an elbow to the back of DDP's head and scored the pin.

Match 2. Vader vs. Bagwell
I couldn't think of a match so I just hit random for each superstar and this is what came out. I'm not expecting much from this match. Just a filler leading into the pay-per-view. The match ended with Vader hitting the Vader-bomb.

Match 3. Jericho vs. Hogan
After being held apart for a week, these two are going back at it for the final time before Summerslam. Before the match started, Vader was seen in the front row with a ticket. Didn't he just fight? Couldn't he watch from the back or next to the announcers? This was a very good, back and forth match. The match ended as Hogan was going for a big boot but Jericho reversed it into a roll-up and won.

After the match, Vader ran in the ring and attacked both men.

Main Event. Nash vs. Goldberg
Goldberg was walking down the ramp when Steiner appeared and knocked him out. This match was mostly controlled by Nash. It ended after he hit a sidewalk slam on the outside of the ring.

After the match, Nash grabbed a chair and hit Goldberg a couple of times.

Recap: With Summerslam six days away, there has been a lot of invasion between the two shows in the past couple of weeks. Christian is a face. Sting is officially back and turned heel. Raw is short on heels while Nitro is short on faces. Well, I put Vader in a match for the first time in weeks and he shows up during an important rivalry. 

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