Sunday, April 22, 2012

September Week 1, Year 2

Match 1. 6-man Battle Royal - Rock vs. Triple H vs. HBK vs. Show vs. Edge vs. Bradshaw
This is an over the top battle royal. Bradshaw tossed Rock out first. Michaels was eliminated next by Bradshaw. Show tossed out Triple H. Edge was eliminated. Show and Bradshaw remain. Bradshaw and Show could not eliminate each other. Show finally tossed out Bradshaw to win.

Match 2. Sting vs. Stone Cold
Another dream match for Austin. Stone Cold was on his way to the ring when Sting came out from under it and stomped on him. Sting was going for the Scorpion Death Drop but it was reversed. The match finally made its way into the ring and Austin woke up. Sting dropped his elbow across Austin's neck and pinned him.

After the match, Sting grabbed a chair and went to smash Austin's ankle. Kane appeared at the ramp and ran down and took out Sting. 

Match 3. Undertaker vs. Kane
The WWF Champ is taking out his brother. We saw Kane earlier saving Austin from Sting's attack. Ken Shamrock was shown walking down the ring holding a chair. Taker hit Kane with a Tombstone. Edge ran down to the ring. Kane got up and hit his own Tombstone. Edge and Shamrock were going at it. Taker hit the Last Ride but Kane broke out of the Tombstone and hit another one. Taker sat right back up. Taker pinned Kane after some elbows to the neck.

Main Event. Test vs. ??? Angle
Al Snow and Angle are still listed as injured. It most likely is one of them, hopefully Angle. Yes! It's Angle! Test hit an awesome modified sidewalk slam. Test brought in the steel steps, trying to put Angle back on the shelf. Angle hit the Angle Slam but only got a 1 count. He hit another one, but Test got up and used the steps. Edge ran down to the ring and attacked Test. Angle hit two more Angle Slams and pinned Test on the ramp.

Match 1. Varsity Club vs. Eddie and Rey
With Nash in a match each week, I can't put the tag titles on the line. The ref was knocked out. I didn't see how it happened. Eddie went for a chair but he was met by Mr. Perfect. Rey was taking care of Hennig while Eddie went for the chair again. Rey was put in the Torture Rack and he had no choice but to tap.

Match 2. Booker vs. Jarrett
During the commercial, Regal announced his retirement from WCW. Booker hit his spine buster. Jarrett hit the Pedigree. Was that his finisher at one point? He then hit The Stroke, but Booker kicked out at 2.9. Booker brought in two chairs. Jarrett hit another Pedigree and knocked out Booker.

Match 3. Goldberg vs. Nash w/ Steiner
It looks like Nash will only face Goldberg if he has Steiner at his side. Goldberg picked up a chair and took out Nash and Steiner. Nash recovered and hit a chokeslam. Goldberg was thrown out of the ring and Steiner threw him into the turn post. Nash hit the Jackknife and got a 2-count. Nash pinned Goldberg after a running neck breaker.

Main Event. RVD vs. Sting
What?! The Whole Damn Show is on Nitro? Why? There were reversals in the early part of this match. Sting was going for the Scorpion Death Drop but RVD reversed it. RVD hit the Five Star Frog Splash, but Sting got up. Sting hit the Scorpion Death Drop and got the victory.

Recap: Austin and Kane were once enemies but now they are saving each other from the WCW invader. This Taker/Kane match was awesome. So much back and forth. Kane is now a face, ugh. Raw was awesome! 

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