Sunday, April 22, 2012

August Week 4, Year 2

This is the long stretch between PPVs - 5 weeks.

Match 1. 6-man Tag - The Outlaws and X-Pac vs. Hardys and Scotty too Hotty
Scotty and the Hardys worked well as a team. They kept their opponent isolated in their corner. X-Pac hit Scotty with the X-Factor but he kicked out at 2. There were a lot of double team moves. This 20-minute match ended with Mr. Ass hitting Scotty with the Fame-Asser and pinned him.

Match 2. Kane vs. Austin
About a minute into the match, Sting ran down and attacked both men. After the interference, it was a back and forth match. Stone Cold went for the Stunner but Kane pushed him away and hit the chokeslam. Austin kicked out at 2. Kane received a Stunner but was right back up. Out of nowhere he hit the Tombstone. Kane was going for a sidewalk slam, but Austin reversed it into a Russian leg sweep and pinned him to win.

After the match, Sting entered the ring as Austin was leaving. Austin turned around and clotheslined Sting out of the ring.

Match 3. Taker vs. Holly
This is a strange match that Universe booked, but it is champ vs. champ. Holly was in control early as he hit a couple of suplexes. Taker hit a side slam. Holly came back with the Alabama Slam. Holly went for an elbow drop to the outside but Taker moved. Taker won as he knocked Holly out with the Tombstone.

Main Event. Triple H vs. Test  #1 Contender's Match
I will controlling Triple H because the winner will face Taker for the WWF Title. X-Pac made things a little easier as he attacked Test from behind. I was dominating Test for most of the match. He did get some offense because I couldn't reverse. I hit him with the spine buster then the Pedigree to win.

After the match, Triple H grabbed a chair and put it on Test's ankle. Then, HBK's music hit! He ran down to the ring and attacked The Game.

Match 1. Warrior vs. Flair
Warrior hit a back drop. Flair did his patented nut grab. Neither man was willing to lose. Warrior picked Flair up over his head and dropped him. He pinned him right after. This match was all Warrior. Flair looked weak tonight.

Match 2. Regal vs. Bret vs. Chavo
A very unorthodox triple threat. The only thing I don't like about 3-way matches is that the guy not involved in the pin breaks it up. I know that's the point, but the match takes forever. Chavo hit the Gory Special on Bret and he immediately left the ring. Bret won with the Sharpshooter on Chavo.

Match 3. Jericho vs. Hogan vs. Vader
For some reason, blood was off in my options. So I turned it on. Lucky for Vader that he got involved in this storyline because he was close to being future endeavored. Vader hit a German suplex on Jericho. Hogan was taking on Vader and Jericho brought in a chair. This match took forever for the reason I mentioned above. Hogan won by knocking out Vader with some right hands.

Main Event. Goldberg vs. Steiner
Looks like Nash is taking a break from Goldberg. Steiner was hitting Goldberg with all types of suplexes. There was a t-bone, then a belly-to-belly and a standard one. The match spilled on to the outside. Goldberg hit the Jackhammer and took control after that. They made their way to the ramp. Goldberg knocked Steiner out with the spear.

Recap: So much for Kane and Sting being a team. HBK is back! What a way to return.

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