Monday, April 23, 2012

September Week 4, Year 2

You will see more and more new Superstars appearing on WWE in the next month.

Match 1. Kane vs. Henry
The bell rang and these two locked horns. Kane was giving Henry a beating very few have given him.  Test ran down to the ring. Henry hit the World's Strongest Slam, but Test was there to break up the pin. Henry hit another WSS and got the 3 count. 

Match 2. Jeff Hardy vs. Angle
As Jeff and Angle were staring at each other, Mr. Ass and Triple H walked down. Jeff turned around and hit them with a crossbody. Jeff was in control of Angle in and out of the ring. Angle hit the Angle Slam after reversing Hardy and scored the victory.

After the match, Mr. Ass and Triple H came in and stomped all over Jeff. They then hit him with a chair.

Match 3. Stone Cold vs. Holly
Sting walked out and sat with the announcers. Stone Cold hit his powerbomb. Austin then hit a Stunner, but Holly rolled out of the ring. Holly grabbed a chair and hit Austin multiple times. Holly hit a delayed suplex. Austin reversed him and hit another Stunner. Again, Holly rolled out. He came back in, hit the Falcon Arrow and won.

After the match, Sting came in and tossed Austin out. Holly and Sting shook hands.

Main Event. Undertaker vs. Triple H
Triple H hit a back breaker. Taker hit Old School then a Tombstone. Triple H somehow kicked out at 2. Stone Cold ran down to the ring. Triple H hit him with the spine buster. Taker dropped HHH and did the throat slashing taunt. After a second Tomstone, HHH was finally knocked out.

Match 1. Savage and Bret vs. Varsity Club
Three of the greatest wrestlers fighting here and then there's Luger. Bret hit multiple German suplexes on Hennig. Randy was perched up on the top rope but Luger kicked him off of it. Luger and Mr. Perfect were giving Savage a beating. Perfect hit the Perfect Plex and Luger pinned Bret to win.

Match 2. Booker vs. Flair
Flair countered Booker and took him down. Flair did his nut grab early on in the match. Booker hit a corner splash, the super kick and then the scissors kick. Booker hit Flair with the Russian leg sweep and got a close 2 count. Flair received a back body drop but caught Booker in a roll-up to win.

Match 3. Jericho vs. Vader
Vader hit Jericho with brass knuckles before the match started. Despite that, Jericho hit the bulldog. Jericho then hit the Codebreaker. Vader hit a huge German suplex then a chokeslam to win. The match was less than 6 minutes long.

After the match, Jericho was leaving but Vader stopped him and kicked his head against the ring post.

Main Event. Iron Man - Scott Hall vs. Scott Steiner
It's the battle of the Scotts here. I'll only be documenting the points scored. 5 minutes in and no points were scored. Hall hit the Outsider's Edge at 9:40 to score the first point. Steiner tied it up a minute later with a belly-to-belly. Hall hit another Outsider's Edge to go up 2-1 with 4:30 left. He hit another one 15 seconds later. Hall hit a front slam to extend his lead. Steiner scored his second point with 50 seconds left. The match ended 4-2 Scott Hall.

After the match, Mr. Ass attacked Hall with a lead pipe.

Recap: Angle, Mr. Ass and HHH as a team? The iron man match was really entertaining. 

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