Thursday, April 19, 2012


Besides a couple of the non-title matches, the card looks pretty good.
Match 1. Money in the Bank Ladder - Rock vs. Austin vs. Christian vs. Flair vs. DDP vs. Chavo
This could be a very interesting ladder match. Austin was the first one to bring a ladder into the ring. Flair brought the second ladder in the ring. Christian made the first attempt at grabbing the briefcase. Austin took his shot at it, but Chavo pulled him down. While everyone was fighting each other, Rock tried being sneaky and climbed up the ladder. He was caught by Christian who brought him down. Out of nowhere, DDP was able to climb the ladder and pull down the briefcase.

Match 2. Angle vs. Test  Intercontinental Title
Angle won the belt last month. Can Test reclaim it? To wear Angle down, Test put him in two bear hugs. Test hit his finisher on Angle outside the ring. Angle returned the favor with an Angle Slam in the ring. Angle hit a German suplex but only got a 2 count. Test got up, hit a running knee to the skull and got the win.

Match 3. New Age Outlaws vs. Hardys  WWF Tag Team Championship
Road Dogg hit a superplex on Matt Hardy. The Hardys hit Poetry in Motion on Road Dogg. The match got out of control as the steps were brought into the ring and all four men went at it at the same time. During all the chaos, Jeff hit the Twist of Fate on Road Dogg. The NAO retained the titles after Billy Gunn low blowed Matt Hardy and pinned him afterward.

Match 4. Ricky Steamboat vs. Arn Anderson  United States Championship
Just two days after defending his title against Macho Man, Steamboat does it again. Anderson was giving an old school beat down to The Dragon. Double A hit a single-leg corkscrew and then pinned Steamboat to win the US Title.

Match 5. Kane vs. Taker  WWF Championship
Kane was dominating his brother through the early going. Taker brought the match the outside and hit a leg drop across Kane's throat. Taker broke out of Kane's chokeslam and in turn hit the Tombstone. Kane received a big boot and a leg drop, then was pinned 1-2-3.

After the match, Taker was leaving the ring but Triple H's music hit. The Game ran down and threw Taker into the steps.

Main Event. Last Man Standing - Nash vs. Goldberg  WCW Championship
How fitting that after what Nash did to Goldberg on Nitro that they are in a LMS match. As Goldberg was heading to the ring, Steiner attacked him from behind. I guess Nash had to make sure we retained the title. Soon after the match started, Nash hit the Jackknife but Goldberg got up at 2. Nash hit a back body drop and then a big boot. Goldberg couldn't get up from that and Nash retained.

After the match, Scott Hall came in the ring and hugged Nash.

Recap: Triple H returned and it looks like Taker has his next opponent. Overall, this was a great card with a couple of titles changing hands. It looks like all is well with the WCW Tag champs.

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