Saturday, October 13, 2012


Lockdown is finally here. TNA's first pay-per-view. As per tradition, every match will take place in a steel cage. Due to Hardy's injury, the title will be up for grabs in a 4-way cage match.

Match 1. Steel Cage - Samoa Joe vs. Magnus  TNA TV Title
These two went back and forth. Magnus hit a clothesline and a couple of right hands. Joe countered with a powerbomb. Magnus attempted to escape, but Joe caught him. Joe then locked Magnus in the Coquina Clutch and won.

Match 2. Steel Cage - Matt Morgan vs.Crimson
Morgan put Crimson in an armbar. He broke out and hit a running powerslam. Morgan got up and hit Crimson with a shoulder block. Morgan then landed a superplex and began crawling to the door. Crimson tried stopping him, but Morgan made it out.

Match 3. Steel Cage - Chavo and Hernandez vs. Robbie E and Rob Terry
After receiving a pump handle slam from Magnus, Hernandez was hit with a Robbie E super kick. Robbie then hit Hernandez with the FTD. Robbie escaped the cage, leaving Terry by himself. Chavo hit him with a powerbomb as Hernandez escaped. Chavo hit him with a brain buster and escaped to win.

Match 4. Steel Cage - Zema Ion vs. Jay Lethal  X-Division Championship
Lethal defeated Consequences Creed 2 weeks ago to earn this match. Ion caught Lethal's leg and put him in a single-leg Boston crab. Both men made early attempts at escaping. Ion hit Lethal with a tornado DDT. Lethal fought back and hit a sit-out spine buster and a diving elbow before leaving the cage.

Match 5. Steel Cage - Kaz and Daniels vs. MCMG  TNA Tag Team Championship
Shelley escaped the cage fairly early. Sabin would have to defeat both tag champs. Sabin hit Cradle Shock on Daniels. Kaz took over on Sabin, which allowed Daniels to escape. Kaz hit Sabin with a couple of kicks all over his body. After a tornado DDT, Kaz escaped to retain the titles.

Main Event. Hell in a Cell - James Storm vs. Bully Ray vs. Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode  TNA Title
Bully hit Angle with a couple of punches. He then went for a kick, but Angle reversed it and hit a German suplex. Ray hit Roode with the Bully Bomb and Storm connect with a super kick on Angle. Angle hit Roode with the Angle Slam. Storm hit Roode with a back suplex and then got the 3 count to win.

After the match, Angle raised Storm's hand in victory.

Recap: I wish Jeff wasn't injured. He will receive a title shot as soon as he returns. All the matches were really exciting. It's weird that one partner would escape and leave their teammate in the cage by themselves.

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