Wednesday, October 24, 2012

July Week 2, Year 5

Match 1. Triple H vs. Randy Orton
Lesnar was shown sitting in the front row with a ticket. Triple H choked Orton in the corner and then hit a spine buster. Orton landed an RKO, but Triple H got right up. A couple of minutes later, Triple H landed another spine buster. Orton went for a second RKO, but it was blocked. He got right up and connected with it. Orton landed a third RKO to win.

After the match, Orton grabbed a chair and hit Triple H a couple of times.

Match 2. Ziggler and Swagger vs. SinSterio
SinSterio landed a springboard dropkick and STO combination on Swagger. Swagger landed the gutwrench on Rey and went for a pin but Rey kicked out. SinSterio landed a double flying forearm on Ziggler. Rey landed the 619 on Ziggler, but Swagger broke up the pin. Ziggler caught Rey in a roll-up and won.

Match 3. Undertaker vs. The Rock
Taker landed a running DDT, but Rock got up and connected with the Rock Bottom. Taker sat up and hit Rock with a fall away slam. Rock hit Taker with a couple of elbow drops. He then locked him in the Sharpshooter and forced The Deadman to tap.

Main Event. Brock Lesnar vs. The Miz
Is Lesnar proving a point to Triple H and/or Orton? He quickly landed a back suplex and a military press slam. Miz ran towards Lesnar, but he caught Miz and hit a German suplex. Miz connected with a big boot and went for the Skull Crushing Finale, but Lesnar ducked and hit a suplex. He then climbed the ropes and hit the Shooting Star Press and won.

After the match, Triple H came out with Mr. McMahon and signaled he wants the WWE Title.

Match 1. Rob Terry vs. Mr. Anderson
I took control of Anderson in order to move him up in the rankings. Anderson landed a couple of neck breakers and suplexes. He then connected with the rolling fireman's carry and then the Kenton Bomb. Terry kicked out so Anderson grabbed a chair. Terry landed his finisher, but Kennedy kicked out at 2. He then locked Terry in a rear naked choke to win.

Match 2. Creed vs. Dutt vs. King vs. Chavo
Weapons were brought into the ring very early. There was a garbage can, sledgehammer and crutch laying on the mat. Dutt hit Creed with the Canadian Destroyer, shades of Petey Williams. Chavo busted King open with a shot to the face with a crutch. King hit Creed with a bicycle kick and the Coronation. Dutt was busted open from a Kenny King tornado DDT. Chavo hit Dutt with a frog splash and won.

Match 3. Matt Morgan vs. Jay Lethal
I controlled Morgan to move him into the title picture. Morgan used his strength to toss Lethal all across the ring. Morgan went for the Carbon Footprint, but Lethal ducked. He then went for the Lethal Combination, but Morgan reversed it and hit the CF. A couple of minutes later, Morgan connected with a second Carbon Footprint to win.

After the match, Lethal raised Morgan's arm in victory.

Main Event. Jeff Hardy vs. James Storm  #1 Contender's Match
Aries took a seat with the announcers. It looks like he's scouting his competition. Storm landed the Backstabber. He then lifted Jeff up for a double underhook suplex. Jeff recovered and hit Whisper in the Wind before landed the Twist of Fate. Storm landed the super kick. Jeff kicked out and landed an elbow drop and got the win.

After the match, Aries entered the ring and hit Jeff over the head with the TNA Title.

Recap: Why is Mr. McMahon with Triple H? Kennedy jumped from #30 to #12. Morgan went from #29 to #9. I will be controlling more Superstars in order to have the rankings the way I want them. 

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