Thursday, October 4, 2012

February Week 3, Year 5

The final qualifying matches take place tonight.

Match 1. World Title Chamber Qualify - Sheamus vs. Clay vs. Kane vs. Lesnar
This was a quick 4-way that had a lot of action in it. Sheamus hit Lesnar with a clothesline in the corner. Kane hit Brodus with a chokeslam. Outside the ring, Sheamus landed the Irish Curse on Clay. Sheamus then brought him back into the ring and hit the Brogue Kick to win.

Match 2. WWE Title Chamber Qualify - Cena vs. Swagger
Cena hit the 5-knuckle Shuffle as Del Rio made his way to the ring. Cena hit a second AA. He went for a pin, but Del Rio broke it up. Swagger then landed the gutwrench powerbomb. After breaking out of an ankle lock, Cena landed another AA to win.

Match 3. Orton vs. Ziggler
Ziggler landed a release German suplex. Kofi ran down to the ring. Ziggler hit the Name Dropper on Orton in front of the announcers. After kicking out of a pin, Ziggler hit the ZigZag. He then grabbed a chair and busted Orton open with it. Orton began his comeback, but Ziggler caught him in a crucifix pin and won.

Main Event. Triple H vs. CM Punk
Punk was walking down the ramp when Ziggler attacked him from behind. Punk was able to recover as he and Triple H battled for over 7 minutes. Punk landed the running knee/bulldog combo. He hit the GTS, but The Game kicked out. Triple H landed a pile driver and the Pedigree to win.

Match 1. World Title Chamber Qualify - Daniel Bryan vs. Rey Mysterio
Mark Henry ran down and paced around the ring, waiting for this opportunity. He saw his chance and locked Rey in a bear hug. Rey broke out and hit Bryan with a 619. Bryan kicked out and landed a couple of suplexes. Rey fought back and connected with another 619 to win.

Match 2. World Title Chamber Qualify - Cody Rhodes vs. Randy Orton
How many chances does Orton get? Cody picked Orton up for the Alabama Slam. He then hit Cross Rhodes. Cody busted Orton open with a tornado DDT. After blocking a suplex, Rhodes hit another Cross Rhodes to win.

Match 3. Gabriel vs. Swagger and Hunico
About 30 seconds into the match, Ryback ran down. Swagger wanted some help, but Ryback had other things in mind. He attacked Swagger. Gabriel landed an atomic drop and a reverse STO on Swagger. The match spilled to the outside where Gabriel hit a sit-out pinning spine buster to win.

Main Event. Crimson vs. CM Punk
Punk was waiting for Crimson in the ring. Crimson attacked him from behind. A couple of chairs and a sledgehammer were in the ring. Punk landed the GTS. Crimson kicked out and hit a vicious DDT. He then picked Punk up and connected with Red Alert for the win.

After the match, a referee came into the ring and checked on Punk.

Recap: In the #1 contender's Chamber match, there's Barrett, Jericho, Kofi, Sheamus, Cena and a mystery opponent. In the World Title Chamber match, Triple H will defend his title against Big Show, Sandow, Miz, Rey and Rhodes. Screw you Crimson! The WWE Champ is now injured.

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