Tuesday, October 2, 2012

January Week 4, Year 5

The Royal Rumble is this Sunday. Things are going to be insane after the PPV.

Match 1. Sin Cara vs. Ziggler
Ziggler landed a neck breaker and a release German suplex. Ziggler then connected with the Name Dropper. He forced Sin Cara to tap out from a sleeper hold.

Match 2. Hell No vs. The Colons
Kane landed a side slam and a Tombstone on Primo. Kane kept beating down both Primo and Epico. Bryan was eventually tagged in and locked Epico in the No Lock to win.

Match 3. Sheamus vs. Lesnar
Lesnar ran down the ring and took Sheamus down before the bell rang. Lesnar landed a fall away slam. He locked in a sleeper hold, but Sheamus broke out and hit the Brogue Kick. Lesnar got up and connected the F5 and a military press to win.

After the match, Lesnar left the ring and grabbed a chair. He went to hurt Sheamus, but Brodus Clay ran down and chased Lesnar away. He then grabbed the chair and hit Sheamus over the head.

Main Event. Punk and Cena vs. Del Rio and Henry 
Punk and Cena landed a double hip toss on Del Rio. ADR got up and locked Punk in the cross armbreaker. A minute later, Cena connected with an AA on Henry. Cena threw Del Rio into the ropes for a single-leg takedown and got the 3 count.

Match 1. Kazarian vs. Big Show vs. Abyss
Abyss interfered last week, costing both men the match. Big Show was walking to the ring when Abyss came out from under it and attacked Show. Kaz went to the outside where he received a chokeslam and Shock Treatment. The match made it into the ring. Show hit Kaz with a spear and a chokeslam to win.

Match 2. Triple H vs. Sandow
Triple H hit some right hands. He then went for a pile driver, but Sandow reversed it. Camacho walked down with a chair. Triple H landed a back breaker. He then hit the spine buster and Pedigree to win.

Match 3. Gabriel vs. Ryback, Swagger and ???
The third man was Hunico. Gabriel tried building momentum, but Swagger halted it with a German suplex. After Hunico received a back suplex, he tagged in Ryback who landed a German suplex and Shell Shocked to knock Gabriel out.

Main Event. Sting vs. Randy Orton
The Icon vs. The Legend Killer. Both men reversed each other's moves. Orton connected with a back breaker, but Sting kicked out. Orton then went for an RKO, but Sting reversed it and hit the Scorpion Death Drop. Sting went for a second one, but Orton blocked it and landed the RKO and won

Recap: Clay returned and is now a heel.

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