Saturday, October 6, 2012

March Week 3, Year 5

Match 1. Jericho vs. Kane
Kane was walking down the ramp when Tensai appeared in the crowd and punched Kane. Kane was walking around the ring when Cesaro popped up and punched Kane, too. Jericho hit a suplex and a pinning German suplex to win.

After the match, Jericho left the ring when Tensai entered. He stomped on Kane. Jericho turned around and saved Kane.

Match 2. Sheamus and Bryan vs. The Usos
The Usos hit Sheamus with an atomic drop/running boot tag move. Byran hit Jey with a rolling fireman's carry. Sheamus locked Jey in a Texas Cloverleaf. He then hit Jimmy with a Brogue Kick. Hey got up and hit the Alley-Us to win. 

Match 3. Mahal and Slater vs. Rey and Sin Cara
Rey and Sin Cara hit Mahal with an STO/dropkick combo. Rey landed some right hands across Slater's jaw. He then caught him in a sunset flip. Rey and Sin Cara hit another tag team move. Sin Cara kicked out of Slater's pin and caught him in a roll-up to win. 

Main Event. Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar
I interfered with John Cena. I attacked both men, but Triple H was able to score the victory.

Match 1. Aries vs. Bull Ray
Will Aries be taken away a third time? I interfered with RVD and attacked Bully Ray. I hit Ray with a heel kick and Aries got the win. 

Match 2. CM Punk vs. Ziggler
Ziggler was walking down the ramp when Crimson popped up and punched Ziggler. Dolph landed a couple of German suplexes. He then hit the X-Factor and then locked him in the sleeper hold. Ziggler wanted to continue the match, but Punk caught him in a roll up and won.

After the match, Crimson came down and attacked both men.

Match 3. Magnus vs. Jey Uso
I'm going to control Magnus to lower Jey's ranking and to get rid of this remarkable match. Jey is one tough bastard. He reversed a lot in the early going, but I was able to build some momentum. After a pump handle slam and the MDD, Jey Uso tapped from a bear hug.

After the match, Bully Ray and Kofi attacked Magnus.

Main Event. Triple H vs. Sandow vs. Wade Barrett
Triple H was walking to the ring when Barrett came out from under it and attacked Triple H. Barrett quickly brought a chair into the ring. About a minute into the match, Triple H and Sandow punched Barrett at the same time. They quickly turned on each other afterwards. Triple H hit Sandow with a Pedigree and Barrett went for the pin. Sandow hit Barrett with the M14 and pinned him. Triple H was holding his head and couldn't break up the pin.

After the match, Barrett was carried out by a stretcher. 

Recap: Another injury for my Universe. Sandow turned face. Not for long.

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