Monday, October 15, 2012

May Week 3, Year 5

Match 1. Brock Lesnar w/ CM Punk vs. Triple H w/ The Rock
The Rock defeated Punk last week. Can Brock even the score? Triple H hit Lesnar with brass knuckles behind the ref's back. Rock and Punk were fighting on the outside. Lesnar tried building momentum, but Triple H cut him off every chance he got. He landed a spine buster and Pedigree. Triple H went for a pin, but Punk distracted the ref. Rock took him off the apron and The Game got the win.

After the match, Rock and Triple H hit Punk and Lesnar with chairs.

Match 2. Kane vs. Ziggler
Neither man was able to build momentum as their opponent kept reversing. Kane hit a clothesline in the corner and a leg drop. Ziggler got up and went for the sleeper hold, but Kane blocked it and hit a chokeslam. Kane was pinning Ziggler, but Tensai ran down and broke it up. After a bulldog, Kane got the win.

Match 3. Ryback vs. Tensai
Ryback landed a hip toss and a clothesline. Ryback lifted Tensai up and hit Shell Shock. Jericho ran down to the ring and attacked Tensai. Tensai recovered and hit a tornado DDT and a spear to win.

Main Event. Big Show vs. Miz
I interfered with John Cena and attacked The Miz. Cena needs an opponent for his World Title. Cena hit Miz with an AA. Big Show decided to attack Cena and he received an AA as well. The match was a draw. 

Match 1. RVD vs. Zema Ion
RVD dropkicked Ion out of the ring. RVD followed him and hit a standing moonsault. He then brought him back in the ring and hit a 5-star Frog Splash. Ion kicked out at the last possible second. Ion hit a DDT and put RVD in a couple of ankle locks. RVD fought back with a heel kick and another frog splash to win.

Match 2. The Pope vs. Bully Ray
Bully hit a back suplex and a neck breaker. After a back breaker, Ray hit the Bully Cutter. About 2 minutes later, he landed the Bully Bomb. Ray locked Pope in a single-leg Boston crab and forced him to tap.

After the match, Ray grabbed a chair and went to hit The Pope. He was stopped by Kofi Kingston. Kofi had the chair and hit Dinero when he got up.

Match 3. Angle vs. Crimson
Crimson was walking down the ramp when Barrett attacked him from behind. Crimson recovered and hit Red Alert. Angle kicked out and hit the 3 German suplexes. He then hit the Angle Slam, but Crimson wouldn't stay down. Crimson landed a DDT, but Angle came back with a belly-to-belly to win.

After the match, Cesaro and Bully Ray attacked Angle

Main Event. Samoa Joe vs. Bobby Roode
The TV Champ locked Roode in a Coquina Clutch. Roode broke out and hit Joe with a clothesline. He then got a couple of near falls. Roode connected with Pay Off and won.

After the match, Roode grabbed a chair and went to hit Joe. He was stopped by Austin Aries, who tossed Roode out of the ring.

Recap: The Miz has been injured. Well, that backfired. Kofi is a heel. Looks like there is more brand warfare going on. Eh, whatever. It's exciting.

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