Friday, October 5, 2012

February Week 4, Year 5

5 weeks until we go!

Match 1. Big Show vs. Antonio Cesaro
Cesaro tried to build some momentum, but Show was just to big. Cesaro was able to lift Show up for a two-handed chokeslam. A couple of minutes later, Show connected with the Showstopper. He then locked Cesaro in a camel clutch and forced him to tap.

Match 2. Lesnar vs. Tensai vs. Brodus Clay
Three of the biggest men in WWE today. Clay tossed Lesnar to the mat and hit a big splash from the second rope. A minute later, Lesnar tossed Clay over his head. He then landed an F5 outside the ring. Tensair hit Clay with a falling chokeslam. Lesnar hit Clay with a pinning fisherman suplex to win.

Match 3. Cena vs. Barrett
Cena tossed Wade around like he was a rag doll. He landed a hip toss and a side belly-to-belly suplex. Cena quickly hit the AA and won the match.

Main Event. CM Punk vs. Triple H
Triple H ran towards Punk in the corner, but he missed and Punk hit a pump handle drop. Ziggler ran down. He locked a sleeper hold on Punk. Lesnar came out from the crowd with a chair. Punk locked Triple H in the Anaconda Vice. Triple H broke out. He hit the spine buster and Pedigree to win.

Match 1. Abyss vs. Kaz
Kaz was waiting for Abyss in the ring when he attacked him from behind. I couldn't look at the replays, but Abyss won with a Black Hole Slam.

After the match, Vince McMahon came out and introduced Big Show as Abyss' second opponent.

Match 2. Abyss vs. Big Show
Abyss hit Show with a Black Hole Slam. Show came back with a Showstopper. Abyss kicked out of the pin, but received a back breaker to end it.

Match 3. MCMG vs. Kash and Gunner
This was a match between quickness and strength. The Machine Guns hit Gunner with Poetry in Motion. Sabin landed a back suplex and pin, but Gunner kicked out. Gunner landed a vicious DDT on Sabin. Shelley landed Shellshock on Kash to win.

Match 4. Gabriel vs. Swagger vs. Ryback vs. Hunico
Gabriel and Ryback teamed up and double punched Hunico. Swagger hit Ryback with the gutwrench powerbomb. Gabriel hit Swagger with a sit-out spine buster and won in less than 3 minutes.

After the match, Ryback and Gabriel shook hands.

Main Event. CM Punk vs. Crimson w/ Ziggler
Ziggler attacked Punk from behind. Punk had Crimson in the corner. Crimson got out and hit the MDD to win. Very short match.

Afetr the match, Ziggler grabbed a chair and hit Punk. He then gave it to Crimson who hit Punk a couple of more times.

Recap: Wow, SmackDown got lucky with 5 matches this week.

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