Friday, October 19, 2012


Match 1. Consequences Creed vs. Zema Ion vs. Sonjay Dutt  #1 Contender's Match
The winner will face Jay Lethal on the next Impact. Dutt landed a springboard bulldog on Creed from the top rope. Creed paid back Dutt with a backstabber. Ion put Creed through the announcer's table with a Throwback face buster. Ion busted Dutt open with the same move. Ion then planted Dutt face first with a DDT to win.

Match 2. Extreme Rules - RVD vs. Abyss
RVD landed a few kicks, but Abyss just tossed RVD over his head. Abyss then landed a side slam and a belly-to-belly suplex. The match spilled to the outside where RVD landed a rolling fireman's carry. Abyss recovered and hit Shock Treatment. They made it back in. RVD landed a monkey flip from the corner and won.

Match 3. Robert Roode vs. Kenny King
King landed a flapjack and a bicycle kick. He then hit Roode with a fireman's carry into a side slam. Roode kicked out of the pin and began his offense. He landed a spine buster and the Pay Off suplex. King kicked out, but Roode continued with a spinning DDT to win.

Match 4. Samoa Joe vs. Bully Ray  TNA TV Championship
Bully landed a delayed suplex. He then threw Joe into the corner, but Joe cam right out with a Russian leg sweep. Bully choked Joe in the corner with his knee. He then landed a side slam. After a Bully Bomb, Ray got the 3 count and the TV Title.

Match 5. Kurt Angle vs. Crimson
Crimson was walking to the ring when Ziggler attacked him from behind. Angle left the ring and grabbed a chair. Crimson landed a spear and a tiger suplex. He then hit the Mac Daddy Driver. Angle tried making a comeback with a spine buster, but Crimson reversed it into a DDT. He hit another MDD to win.

After the match, an official checked on Angle. He signaled for EMTs to come down.

Main Event. James Storm vs. Austin Aries  TNA World Championship
Storm was in control early as he landed a back suplex and a couple of DDTs. Aries came back and brought a chair into the ring. Storm was able to land the backstabber and the Last Call super kick. Storm had a couple of near falls, but Aries wasn't done yet. He landed a double underhook spine buster and won the title.

After the match, Aries grabbed a chair and went to shatter Storm's ankle. He was interrupted by the returning Jeff Hardy! Hardy tossed Aries out of the ring and helped Storm up.

Recap: Well, now Angle can join his partner AJ Styles. Thank God for Jeff's return. TNA's title picture just got a lot more exciting.

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