Tuesday, October 9, 2012

April Week 2, Year 5

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Match 1. Jimmy Uso vs. Brock Lesnar
Christian ran down about 30 seconds into the match and attacked both men. Jimmy was able to hit some offensive moves. Lesnar got up from a back suplex and hit the F5 to win.

After the match, Lesnar left and Christian entered the ring. He began stomping on Jimmy. Lesnar turned around and made the save.

Match 2. Christian and Swagger vs. Jericho and Ryder
This was a great tag match that saw the two champions lose. Swagger and Christian hit Ryder with a double flapjack. Christian continued with an atomic drop and back suplex. Jericho came in and received a Killswitch. Jericho busted Christian open with a Codebreaker and won.

Match 3. Henry vs. Ryback
Ryback left the ring to grab a chair. He came back in and hit Shell Shocked. Henry kicked out and locked a bear hug on Ryback. He forced him to tap out.

Main Event. Triple H vs. Tensai
I interfered with...The Undertaker! He's back! I tried for a Last Ride, but Tensai broke it up. After a back suplex, Tensai got the win.

Match 1. RVD vs. Rob Terry
Robbie E walked down to the ring with a chair. RVD connected with a 5-star Frog Splash. Terry fought back with a running powerslam and a Freakbuster. RVD hit a couple of heel kicks and got the 3 count.

Match 2. Chris Sabin vs. AJ Styles
This is an X-Division showcase. These two traded move for move. Styles hit a northern lights suplex pin, but Sabin kicked out. Styles went for a hurricanrana, but Sabin reversed it into a powerbomb. Styles landed a brain buster. The match spilled to the outside where Styles hit another suplex. After another brain buster, Styles got the win.

Match 3. The Pope vs. Doug Williams vs. Kenny King vs. Crimson
This fatal 4-way got some new faces on Impact. King hit The Pope with a modified Death Valley Driver. Crimson hit Williams with a huge full nelson slam. Crimson continued his attack with a a two-hand chokeslam and Red Sky for the win.

Main Event. Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle
I interfered with Bully Ray and attacked the TNA Champ. I attacked both men. Jeff received a Bully Bomb and Angle got hit with a Bully Cutter.

Recap: Lesnar turned face. Taker is now a heel. Hardy is injured. Well, my plan backfired.

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