Friday, October 12, 2012

April Week 4, Year 5

Match 1. Ryback vs. The Miz
Jericho ran down and went for the Codebreaker on Ryback. Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale but Ryback kicked out. Ryback got up and hit a huge clothesline and then Shell Shock. Miz busted Ryback open with a chair shot. Miz hit another SCF to win.

Match 2. Jericho vs. Cesaro  #1 Contender's match
The winner will take on Christian for the US Title next week. Cesaro landed the Neutralizer, but Jericho kicked out. Kane walked down and hit Cesaro with a chokeslam. Jericho then hit a Codebreaker and won. 

Match 3. Big Show vs. Mark Henry
Rey was shown sitting in the front row. Both big men tried using their strength to take the other down, but it was ineffective. Show was eventually able to lift Henry up for a Showstopper. Henry kicked out but Show was still on offense. He hit a back breaker and a military press slam. Show hit another Showstopper and won after stepping on the chest of Henry.

Main Event. Triple H vs. John Cena  #1 Contender's match
I interfered in this match with...The People's Champ, The Rock! I landed a couple of Rock Bottoms on Cena and Triple H got the win.

Match 1. Crimson vs. James Storm
Wade attacked Crimson from behind. Storm took advantage of the attack. He connected with a super kick. Crimson recovered and grabbed a chair. He hit Storm a couple of times. After a spine buster, Crimson hit the MDD to win.

After the match, Mr. McMahon, with some beady yellow eyes, came out and told Crimson he has another match...against Wade Barrett.

Match 2. Wade Barrett vs. Crimson
Wade hit Crimson with an elbow from the second rope. He then picked him up and hit Wasteland. After Crimson kicked out, Wade hit a pump handle slam. Wade hit a clothesline in the corner and won.

Match 3. MCMG vs. Robbie E and Rob Terry
Shelley and Robbie E started the match. They traded blows in the early going. The Robs hit a double suplex on Shelley. Terry came in and hit a suplex. Shelley made the hot tag to Sabin who attacked both men. Robbie E came back in and hit Sabin with the Shore Thing DDT to win.

Match 4. Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy w/ Kurt Angle
Ray hit the Bully Bomb outside the ring. Jeff fought back with a suplex and a Twist of Fate. Angle did everything he could to help Ray from winning. He distracted the ref from counting the pin. After a Bully Cutter, Ray got the win.

After the match, Jeff left the ring and Ray followed. Ray kicked Jeff's head into the turnpost. 

Main Event. Styles vs. Daniels
These two know each other so well. They reversed basically every move. Daniels hit an STO and then a modified Rock Bottom. Styles recovered and connected with a suplex and a heel kick. Kid Kash ran down and attacked Styles. He landed a brain buster. Daniels hit Angel's Wings and won.

After the match, Styles was taken away on a stretcher. 

Recap: Rock and Triple H both turned heel because of the interference. Raw is now low on faces. Styles is injured.

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