Thursday, October 18, 2012

June Week 1, Year 5

In 3 weeks, TNA will host Slammiversary.

Match 1. Rock w/ Triple H vs. CM Punk w/ Brock Lesnar
Rock hit Punk with his signature spine buster. Punk then connected with the GTS in the middle of the ring. After a chair shot, Rock locked Punk in the Sharpshooter. Rock let go and hit Punk with a Rock Bottom. He then landed a Samoan drop to win.

Match 2. Christian and Mark Henry vs. Jericho and Sheamus
Christian and Henry hit Sheamus with a double back body drop. Henry lifted Sheamus up for a military slam and a two-handed chokeslam. Sheamus tagged in Jericho, who immediately hit Henry with a Codebreaker. Christian came in and hit Sheamus with a tornado DDT and won.

Match 3. Randy Orton vs. Ziggler w/ Maryse
Ziggler landed the Name Dropper and the Zigzag not even 5 minutes into the match. Ziggler continued with a neck breaker, but Orton kicked out again. Orton caught Ziggler's leg and hit the RKO. Orton hit a couple of clotheslines and a body slam. Dolph landed a German suplex and another Zigzag to win.

Main Event. John Cena vs. Antonio Cesaro
This is a great opportunity for the young star. Cena hit Cesaro with the Throwback face buster, which cut Cesaro open. The match spilled to the outside. Cena connected with an AA. About a minute later, Cena hit another AA in the middle of the ring and won.

After the match, Big Show attacked Cena with a lead pipe.

Match 1. D'Angelo Dinero vs. AJ Styles
The Pope was in control early. However, Styles was able to connect with a heel kick. He then hit the Styles Clash. Pope kicked out and Styles landed a couple of more heel kicks before landing a second Styles Clash for the win.

After the match, The Pope was taken away on a stretcher (again).

Match 2. MCMG vs. Eric Young and Doug Williams
Sabin hit Young with a Russian leg sweep and a sit-out spine buster. A few minutes later, Sabin hit Young with Future Shock. Both teams then landed some tag moves. Sabin connected with another Future Shock and got the win.

Match 3. Abyss vs. Matt Morgan
Morgan landed the Carbon Footprint, but Abyss was able to kick out. Abyss connected with a chokeslam and a Black Hole Slam. Two minutes later, Abyss hit another chokeslam. He ended the match with a Shock Treatment to win.

Main Event. Robert Roode vs. Austin Aries and Rob Terry
Roode came out holding his arm. He introduced Kenny King as his replacement. Aries hit multiple suplexes on King. Teryy came in and landed a running powerslam. He then lifted King up for the Freakbuster and the victory.

Recap: Damn, Dinero is injury prone.

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