Tuesday, October 2, 2012


The road to another WrestleMania begins now.

Match 1. Table - Damien Sandow vs. Ryback  United States Championship
Sandow brought a in a table and set it up in the corner. He then landed Terminus on Ryback. Ryback fought back and landed a huge clothesline. Sandow got up and connected with a northern lights suplex. Ryback connected with Shell Shocked. Sandow hit a low blow and speared Ryback through the table to retain the belt.

Match 2. Tyson Kidd vs. Ziggler  Intercontinental Championship
Can Ziggler recapture the IC Title? Kidd landed a back suplex and a kick to the gut. Ziggler locked Kidd in a sleeper hold. Kidd eventually broke out, but Zigger was still in control. He landed a gut buster. Kidd went for a clothesline, but Ziggler landed a crucifix pin to win the title.

Match 3. JeriShow vs. Tensai and Cesaro  WWE Tag Team Championship
I took control of Cesaro in this match. Big Show is a tough opponent. Show threw Cesaro into the corner where he and Jericho landed a double team move. Cesaro landed a tilt-a-whirl slam and the Neutralizer on Show. Tensai landed his finisher on Show, but he wouldn't stay down. After a close 3 count, Cesaro locked Show in a camel clutch and forced him to tap.

Match 4. Wade Barrett vs. Punk vs. John Cena  WWE Championship
This match went over 12 minutes. Around the 11-minute mark, Punk locked Wade in the Anaconda Vice, but Cena broke it up. Cena landed the AA on Punk. Cena then hit Wade with a belly-to-belly suplex. Cena then went after Punk, but Punk caught him in a roll-up and won.

Match 5. Hell in a Cell - Triple H vs. Randy Orton  World Heavyweight Championship
Triple H hit a knee smash and a pile driver. Orton locked Triple H in a abdominal stretch, but HHH broke out. Triple H landed a swinging neck breaker and then the spine buster. He then hit the Pedigree to retain his title.

Main Event. 40-man Royal Rumble
That's right. I increased the Rumble match to include 10 more superstars. I predict that the number 38 entrant will win.

The first two superstars are Jimmy Uso and D'Angelo Dinero. Jimmy had The Pope up against the ropes, but Pope fought back. Number 3 was Jack Swagger. Pope attempted to eliminate Jimmy, but he held on. Number 4 was Daniel Bryan. Jimmy was successful in eliminating The Pope. Number 5 was Cody Rhodes. He went right after Jimmy. He then turned his attention to Swagger. Number 6 was Christopher Daniels. Rhodes dropkicked Daniels out of the ring. Number 7 was Kofi Kingston. He and Jimmy battled against the ropes. Daniels and Swagger hit Rhodes with a double suplex. Number 8 was James Storm. Swagger tossed out Daniels. Jimmy hit Cody with the Alley-Us. Number 9 was Crimson. Who are these people? Kofi kicked Swagger off the apron down to the mat. Kofi made a couple of attempts at eliminated Jimmy, but no success. Jimmy dropkicked Storm over the ropes and down to the mat. Number 10 was AJ Styles. He went right after Rhodes.

Number 11 was Kurt Angle. Crimson eliminated Rhodes. Angle threw Kofi over the ropes, but he skinned the cat and made it back in the ring. Crimson tossed out Kofi. Number 12 was Darren Young. Jimmy was finally eliminated by Crimson. He's at 3 eliminations already. Number 13 was Titus O'Neil. Let's see if the Prime Time Players team up. O'Neil eliminated Crimson. Number 14 was Jinder Mahal. Angle was tossed out by Mahal. O'Neil and Styles teamed up to eliminate Young. Number 15 was Kane. Mahal scored his second elimination by tossing out O'Neil. Number 16 was Jey Uso. Mahal eliminated Styles for his third so far. Number 17 was Ryback. We saw Ryback get put through a table by Sandow. Mahal eliminated Jey Uso. He then helped Kane with Ryback, but he was too strong. Number 18 was Ted DiBiase. Kane almost eliminated Mahal. Number 19 was Sin Cara. Good thing he doesn't have his lighting for this match. DiBiase eliminated Kane. That's a shocker. He then turned his sights to Sin Cara and eliminated him. Number 20 was Sheamus. We are now halfway through the entrants. DiBiase clotheslined Mahal down to the mat.

Number 21 was Rey Mysterio. He ran down and was targeted by Ryback. Sheamus eliminated DiBiase. Rey somehow eliminated Ryback. Number 22 was The Miz. He quickly eliminated Rey. Number 23 was Mark Henry. He slowly walked down the ramp. Number 24 was Samoa Joe. He received a High Cross from Sheamus. Number 25 was Bully Ray. The former tag champ tries to win a title shot at WrestleMania. Sheamus had Henry in the corner, but couldn't eliminate him. Number 26 was Mr. Anderson...Anderson. This may the first or second time the ring is filled with six Superstars. Miz hit Joe with the Skull Crushing Finale. Sheamus and Henry continued fighting. Henry and Sheamus teamed up and eliminated Joe. Henry hit Ray with the World's Strongest Slam. Number 27 was Matt Morgan. Sheamus hit Miz with the High Cross. Ray hit Morgan with the Bully Bomb. Sheamus was eliminated by Miz. Miz hit Morgan with the Skull Crushing Finale. Anderson eliminated Henry. Number 28 was Abyss. Morgan finally eliminated Miz. A "This is Awesome!" chant broke out. Number 29 was Bobby Roode. Abyss eliminated Bully Ray. Morgan and Roode eliminated Morgan. Number 30 was Rob Van Dam. 10 more entrants remain.

Number 31 was Austin Aries. A-Double was immediately met by Anderson, but he fought back. Number 32 was Sting. The Icon looks for one more main event run. Anderson has been in the match the longest. Abyss hit Anderson with Shock Treatment. Roode eliminated RVD. Abyss and Sting eliminated Anderson. Aries took on Abyss as Roode faced Sting. Aries kicked Abyss out of the match. Number 33 was Magnus. Magnus eliminated Roode. Number 34 was Jeff Hardy. Aries and Sting continued going at it. Aries kicked Sting off the apron down to the mat. Number 35 was Kazarian. Magnus and Kaz fought on one side while Jeff and Aries fought on the other. Number 36 was Zema Ion. Jeff eliminated Aries. Kaz eliminated Magnus. Number 37 was Gunner. He ran down to the ring and went right after Jeff. Number 38 was Brock Lesnar. Nice prediction! He will definitely clear the ring. Number 39 was Big Show. Show quickly eliminated Kaz. Show and Lesnar seemed to be working together on Gunner. Jeff and Gunner went to eliminate Show, but to no avail. Number 40 was Alberto Del Rio. Gunner was eliminated by Lesnar. Show eliminated Del Rio. That was quick. Lesnar eliminated Jeff. Show, Lesnar and Zema remain. I really hope Zema doesn't win. I have nothing planned for him. Lesnar hit Show with the F5. Lesnar and Zema attempted to eliminate Show, but he held on. Show tossed Zema out of the ring. Lesnar and Show are the last two. Lesnar hit another F5. Now he just has to get Show out of the ring. He flipped him over the top rope to win.

Recap: I'm glad Punk is the new WWE Champ. I like that Triple H retained now that Lesnar won the Rumble. World Elite (Tensai and Cesaro) will make great tag champs. Ziggler is now the rightful owner of the IC Title. All in all, it was a great event.

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