Sunday, October 14, 2012

May Week 2, Year 5

2 weeks until Extreme Rules.

Match 1. The Rock w/ Triple H vs. CM Punk w/ Brock Lesnar
Holy. Crap. This is a huge match. Brock and Triple H were fighting on the outside. Rock and Punk joined them. Punk locked Rock in the Anaconda Vice, but Triple H distracted the ref from seeing it. Rock landed the Rock Bottom and Brock did the same thing. The ref kicked Brock out from ringside. Rock was still in the pin and won.

Match 2. Ryder vs. Ziggler
After a German supex, Ziggler landed the Name Dropper on Ryder. Lesnar ran down and hit the F5 on Ziggler. Ziggler brought in a chair, but it backfired. Ziggler kicked the chair into Dolph's face. He then hit a DDT which busted him open. Ziggler fought back and connected with the ZigZag to win.

Match 3. Brodus Clay vs. The Miz
I controlled Miz to move him up in the ranks. Clay reversed a lot of Miz's moves. Miz brought in a couple of chairs, trying to take the big man down. Miz hit a DDT and then the Skull Crushing Finale. Clay kicked out. Miz hit a couple of more chair shots before getting the 3 count.

After the match, 

Main Event. Jericho vs. Tensai
I interfered with Randy Orton for two reasons - move Orton up and turn him face. Orton hit the RKO on Tensai and Jericho got the win.

Match 1. Crimson vs. Wade Barrett
Another week, another chance to end this feud.Wade hit Crimson with brass knuckles before the bell rang. Crimson recovered from the cheap shot and hit an STO. He then landed a running powerslam. Barrett fought back and hit Wasteland to win.

After the match, Barrett grabbed a chair. He hit Crimson a couple of times.

Match 2. Chavo and Hernandez vs. Kaz and Daniels
Kaz and Daniels kept Chavo out of the ring as they focused on Hernandez. Chavo came in, but Daniels was ready. He connected with a reverse STO. He then hit Angels' Wings. Hernandez and Kaz came in the ring. Hernandez hit a huge spine buster and a diving splash to win. 

Match 3. Mr. Anderson vs. Abyss
This was a short match that saw Abyss take out Anderson. Abyss cracked Anderson over the head with a chair. He then landed a chokeslam on the chair. He connected with Shock Treatment, but Anderson got right up and hit the Mic Check. Abyss landed a belly-to-belly suplex and won.

Main Event. Bully Ray vs. Kurt Angle vs. Jay Lethal
Ray hit Angle with a huge big boot. Angle went to escape, but Lethal pulled him down and hit the Lethal Combination. Angle got up and hit Lethal with 3 German suplexes and an Angle Slam. Ray and Angle were going at it which allowed Lethal to escape.

Recap: Rock and Triple H are a team. This could be interesting.

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