Thursday, October 18, 2012

May Week 4, Year 5

Match 1. Triple H and The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar and CM Punk
Rock and Triple H left the ring and attacked Punk and Lesnar on the ramp. Punk and Lesnar tossed Triple H face first into the corner. Triple H fought back with a spine buster and Pedigree. Triple H busted Lesnar open with a knee smash. Punk came in and locked Triple H in the Anaconda Vice. Triple H reversed Punk's suplex. After a back body drop, Triple H got the 3 count.

After the match, Lesnar left the ring, but Triple H followed and kicked his head into the steel post.

Match 2. Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio
Del Rio locked the cross armbreaker early in the match. Sheamus broke out and hit a running powerslam. The match spilled to the outside. Sheamus landed the Irish Curse back breaker. Del Rio went back into the ring and hit another armbreaker. A minute later, Del Rio locked in a third armbreaker, but Sheamus still broke out. He then caught Sheamus in a roll-up and won.

Match 3. Jericho vs. Ziggler
Orton ran down and walked around. Ziggler hit Jericho with the Zigzag. He then hit a back suplex and a neck breaker. Ziggler picked Jericho back up and landed the Name Dropper. Jericho reversed another Zigzag and hit the Codebreaker. Ziggler rolled Jericho into the ring, but Jericho caught him in a roll-up to win.

Main Event. Wade Barrett vs. The Undertaker
After a bulldog, Taker hit Barrett with Old School. He then landed a pump handle slam, but Barrett kicked out. They went to the outside. Barrett went to hit Taker with a chair. Taker blocked it and hit a fall away slam. Barrett hit Wasteland, but Taker got up. They went back out and Taker landed a Tombstone. After a leg drop across the apron, Taker won.

After the match, Triple H and Rock came out and stared down Taker.

Match 1. The Pope vs. AJ Styles
Kofi ran out and turned on The Pope. AJ went for a pin, but Pope kicked out at 1. Styles landed the Styles Clash in front of the announcers' table. Styles busted Dinero open with a bulldog. After a sit-out spine buster, Styles landed a second finisher to win.

After the match, Kofi and Kid Kash stared down AJ.

Match 2. James Storm vs. Crimson
Storm hit Crimson with a double underhook suplex. Storm picked up Crimson and dropped him with the Codebreaker. He then connected with a super kick. Crimson kicked out of the pin, but Storm was still on the offensive. He hit another double underhook and then hit the Eye of the Storm to win.

Match 3. Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray
Jeff was waiting in the ring when Ray attacked him from behind. About 30 seconds into the match, Bully left and began walking up the ramp. These two went back and forth. Jeff went for a Twist of Fate, but Ray reversed it and hit the Bully Cutter. He hit another Bully Cutter right after and won.

After the match, Ray grabbed a chair and hit Jeff a couple of times.

Main Event. Bobby Roode and Kenny King vs. Austin Aries and Rob Terry
Aries and Terry landed a couple of tag team moves on Roode. A couple of minutes into the match, Kenny and Terry fought on the outside. The ref had enough and tossed them both out. It was now Roode vs. Aries. He landed a moonsault off the top rope and then connected with the Horns of Aries to win.

After the match, Roode was on a stretcher, but Aries stopped it and attacked Roode some more.

Recap: Nothing eventful. No one is inured, thankfully.

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