Wednesday, October 17, 2012


It's time for WWE to get...EXTREME!

Match 1. SinSterio vs. Prime Time Players
SinSterio hit O'Neil with an STO/dropkick combination. The Players hit Sin Cara with a double back drop. O'Neil came back and hit Sin Cara with a fall away slam. Young landed a vicious gut buster on Sin Cara, which allowed O'Neil to get the win.

Match 2. Extreme Rules - Team Hell No vs. The Rhodes Scholars  WWE Tag Team Championship
These teams didn't waste any time bringing in weapons. There was a table, a crutch, a sledgehammer and a chair. Bryan put Sandow through the table with a back suplex. Sandow hit Bryan over the head with a guitar, but he didn't seem fazed by it as he locked Sandow in the No Lock. Kane went for a Tombstone, but Sandow reversed it. Rhodes hit Bryan with Cross Rhodes. Bryan and Kane pinned their opponents simultaneously to get the win. Pretty cool sight.

Match 3. Jack Swagger vs. Ryback  Intercontinental Championship
Swagger landed the Swagger Bomb about 3 minutes into the match. He connected with the gutwrench a couple of minutes later. Ryback kicked out of a couple of pin attempts. The match spilled to the outside where Swagger landed a German suplex. He then hit another gutwrench. Swagger won as he caught Ryback in a roll-up pin.

Match 4. Orton vs. Christian
One of the Usos (I really can't tell which) had a seat in the front row. Orton took down Christian with a clothesline and began stomping all over his body. He then connected with the RKO. Christian kicked out and received a headlock back breaker and was down for the count.

Match 5. Extreme Rules - John Cena vs. Big Show  World Heavyweight Championship
Big Show ran down and took down Cena before the bell rang. Cena couldn't even take off his shirt. These two wasted no time getting weapons involved. Show hit the Final Cut and a military press slam outside the ring. After a couple of chair shots, Show landed a Showstopper. Cena kicked out, but Show continued the attack. He hit another Final Cut and won the belt after a WMD.

After the match, Angle and James Storm celebrated with Big Show.

Main Event. Extreme Rules - Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H vs. CM Punk vs. The Rock  WWE Championship
Who will walk out with the WWE Title? Punk brought in a chair and Triple H brought in his signature sledgehammer. Triple H then hit The Rock with a Pedigree. Lesnar hit Punk with a German suplex and a running slam. He then hit a belly-to-belly and an F5 to retain the title.

Recap: I'm surprised that Lesnar kept his title. I like that Show won the title. It allows Cena to go after Lesnar.

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