Wednesday, March 28, 2012

May Week 3, Year 2

Match 1. Extreme Rules - Foley vs. Al Snow vs. Steve Blackman
The Lethal Weapon debuts on Raw! The Hardcore Champ was in control, taking on both opponents. Foley brought in a table while Blackman brought in a ladder, then a sledgehammer. Snow added a chair to the mix and quickly hit Foley over the head. Snow pinned Blackman after a leg whip.

Match 2. Edge and Angle vs. Rock and Vince
Vince decided to show up this week. Edge and Angle kept Rock isolated in their corner. Rock was going to tag in Vince, but Angle hit him with a German suplex. Rock and Vince finally got the upper hand by double teaming Edge. Rock received an Angle Slam outside the ring. Edge then hit the top-rope spear, but Vince broke up the pin again. Angle tried for a third time and succeeded.

Match 3. Extreme Rules - Test vs. Goldust
Goldust made his return last week, winning a triple threat match that also featured Stone Cold. Test was having none of it in the early going. Test brought in a kendo stick and a chair. However, Goldust was able to hit Shattered Dreams. Test eventually won with his modified F5.

Main Event. Cage - Austin vs. Kane
If only I could use Masked Kane in Universe, then this roster would be complete. Oh well. Anyway, these two were going back and forth, not letting the other gain momentum. Kane looks like he'll be the next challenger to Austin's WWF Title. Kane reversed the stunner and hit two chokeslams back-to-back. Austin hit a DDT and began climbing the cage. Kane attempted to bring him down, but Austin kicked him to the mat and won.

Match 1. Goldberg vs. Luger
Both men are coming off victories last week. These two could be fighting for the WCW Title in the near future. Luger was keeping Goldberg on the mat with slams and suplexes. Goldberg went for the Jackhammer but Luger reversed it and locked him in the Torture Rack. Luger got the pin after a running powerslam.

Match 2. Eddie and Rey vs. Steiner and Bagwell
The former tag champs take on the 2nd-ranking heel tag team in WCW. Rey and Eddie, in their matching green attire, used their speed to take it to Steiner and Bagwell. Steiner and Bagwell eventually got the upperhand on Eddie and Rey. Bagwell hit Eddie with a spear to score the victory.

Match 3. Steamboat vs. Hall
A rematch from last week, The Dragon wants another shot. Hall was on his way to the ring when Mr. Ass attacked him from behind. Hall was building up a comeback, but Steamboat reversed the Last Call. Hall hit two huge powerslams and pinned Steamboat in the middle of the ring to make in two in a row.

After the match, Mr. Ass ran down to the ring and beat Hall with a lead pipe.

Main Event. Flair vs. Nash
Nash was on his way to the ring and Mr. Ass attacked him, too. Well, Billy Gunn single-handedly took out both members of the nWo again. However, Nash wasn't affected and began his beatdown on Flair. The steel steps were brought in the ring and Flair was the first to used them. Flair hit a clothesline in the corner and pinned Nash to win.

After the match, Benoit joined Flair in the ring and raised his hand in victory.

Recap: Surprisingly, Raw didn't have any interference or cut scenes. Looks like things are finally under control. I want to know why Mr. Ass is still attacking Hall and Nash. 

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