Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Only 2 title matches this month.

Match 1. Smackdown vs. Raw - Show vs. Punk
This is the only inter-brand on the card. Punk threw Show into the steel steps. Next year, I'm changing this PPV. It means absolutely nothing. Cena ran down to the ring and hit the AA on Punk. He wasn't fazed by it as he hit the GTS on Show.

Match 2. Hell in a Cell - HBK vs. Orton  United States Championship
These two have been fighting for months over this title. It would have been interesting if the US belt was kept on Smackdown. I may have introduced a new belt on Raw. Orton pounded the mat and hit the RKO on HBK. He went for it again but Michaels broke out of it. He then hit the Sweet Chin Music, but only got a 2-count. Orton hit an Angle Slam-like move and won the US Title.

Match 3. Last Man Standing - Batista vs. Clay
It was originally Austin vs. Truth, but that was ridiculous. I have both men wearing their red looks creepy. Batista with an ankle lock? Looks like the ref got his timing down this time. Batista won.

Match 4. Cena vs. McIntyre vs. Christian
Another card filler but I'm trying to get a storyline started. A pretty good triple threat match with all three men breaking up the others' moves. Christian waited for his opportunity and hit the Killswitch on Drew.
Match 5. Rock vs. Miz vs. Edge
I made this match for the same reason as the last one. I want Edge in a prominent story and get back to challenging for the World Title. Rock won with the Rock Bottom on Edge.
Main Event. Iron Man - Taker vs. Hall  World Heavyweight Championship
The last iron man match Taker was in, he won 7-1 against Edge. I hope that this isn't a repeat. Hall scored the first point when he hit the Outsider's Edge with 9:17 left. Taker evened the score with a Tombstone with 8:04 remaining. 5 minutes left and the score is still tied. Taker was up by 1 with 4:09 left. He gained 2 more points with a Tombstone and a pin. The final score was 4-1.

After the match, Kane and Punk entered the ring and celebrated with Taker.

Recap: Taker is 2-0 in Iron Man matches. Do I smell a new streak? Kane is now a face. Overall, a pretty average PPV. Nothing really exciting happened.

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