Tuesday, March 6, 2012

October Week 2

Match 1. Eddie and Michaels vs. Rey and McIntyre
I wanted to include the newest additions to the Raw roster in this tag match. HBK is wearing his white tights with red hearts attire from the mid 90s. Eddie has on his green tights and Rey is wearing green and gold. Eddie won with the brainbuster on Rey.

After the match, Orton and Kane attacked HBK and Eddie while they were celebrating.

Match 2. Batista vs. Clay
An evenly fought match. Both of these men are looking to get back in the WWE Title hunt. The match spilled to the outside. Batista suplexed Clay through the announce table. He then hit the Batista Bomb to win.

Match 3. Austin vs. Orton
Legend vs. Legend Killer. Oh man, I miss Orton with that moniker. Orton tried to get the upper hand on multiple occasions. Until, out of nowhere he hit the RKO to win.

After the match, Christian attacked Orton with a lead pipe.

Main Event. Kane vs. Cena vs. Punk
Cena was heading to the ring when Kane appeared from under the ring and beat down Cena. Soon after, Kane hit the Tombstone on Punk to win. The match was 24 seconds long..


Match 1. Booker vs. Harris
I have alternate attires for many of the Superstars but I keep forgetting to change it. Husky brought a chair into the ring and leveled Booker. He recovered and landed the Book End to win.

Match 2. Rhodes vs. Morrison
A standard mid-card match. JoMo and Rhodes were so close to capturing the World Title on separate occasions. Morrison won by hitting Starship Pain.

Match 3. Nash vs. Edge
Big Sexy was taking it to Edge early on. Nash grabbed a chair and cracked Edge over his head. Nash rolled him back in the ring and hit the Jackknife.

After the match, Henry and Show walked out of the back and stared down Nash.

Main Event. Taker vs. Show vs. Scott Hall
The Bad Guy was being manhandled by Show and Taker. They brought the match to the outside, but quickly brought it back in the ring. Hall hit the Outsider's Edge on Show to win.

After the match, Show through a temper tantrum and knocked out Cole.

Recap: Orton/Kane vs. Eddie and HBK next week? I like it! I think Raw got the better of the mid-year draft. Smackdown's card seemed average this week. Nothing really stood out. Bragging Rights is the next PPV. Get ready for some Raw vs. Smackdown matches. Could this be the break up of The Bullies? Show turned heel.

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