Friday, March 9, 2012

January Week 2, Year 2

Despite winning a #1 contender's match 2 weeks ago, Kane has to win another one to face Cena.

Match 1. Michaels vs. Angle
HBK wants a rematch. He was taken by surprise when Angle came out, he wasn't ready. HBK was unable to get the upper hand on Angle. But he hit the Sweet Chin Music out of nowhere to win. There will be a rubber match between these two soon.

After the match, Angle played possum and low blowed HBK.

Match 2. Eddie vs. Cena
The champ kept himself in shape before the Rumble. Eddie is no easy feat though. Eddie was going for a suplex but Cena reversed it and hit the AA. Cena hasn't lost since November week 2 (against Punk).

Match 3. Triple H vs. Rhino
The Game wants a rematch. He said last week was a fluke. Could Rhino move into the top 4 with another victory over HHH? Rhino hit a sit-out spinebuster, but HHH hit his own spinebuster. He then hit the Pedigree to even the series.

After the match, Orton, Bourne and Clay appeared at the top of the ramp again.

Main Event. Steel Cage - Punk vs. Kane vs. Batista  #1 Contender's match
Kane must be pissed that he has to re-win his #1 contendership. Kane hit the Tombstone on Batista. Punk and Kane began climbing at the same time. Batista was able to pull them both down. Batista was able to climb and win.

Match 1. Riley vs. Sheamus  United States Championship
Sheamus is wearing some new attire for this special occasion - red and black. Just like last week, Sheamus was proving to be a difficult opponent for Riley. Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick to win the US Title.

Match 2. Bryan vs. Hall
Champ vs. Champ. Bryan has been IC Champ since I started this Universe. Hall won the World Title at the PPV. The next night, he debuted a "WCW' painted World Title. Hall reversed the Lebell Lock and hit the Outsider's Edge to win.

Match 3. Wade vs. Henry vs. DiBiase vs. Harris  #1 Contender's match
The winner will face Sheamus for the US Title. This is not a battle royal. Plus, I made this match because it's been a while since I saw some of these guys. Ted won by making Harris tap to what looked like the Million Dollar Dream.

Main Event. Steel Cage - Morrison vs. Taker vs. Edge  #1 Contender's match
Same concept that Raw had. Way to be original, Smackdown. With Scott Hall as champ, I'm ok with any man winning this match. It'll be a fresh match. While Edge and Taker were fighting, JoMo was able to escape the cage.

Recap: Nothing notable for Raw or Smackdown this week.

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