Monday, March 5, 2012


You read that right. I changed Night of Champions to Clash of the Champions. I do have to edit the card because only 3 titles are on the line.

Match 1. Bryan vs. Scott Hall  Intercontinental Championship
One win and he gets a title shot. Let the Bad Guy win! How fitting would it be to see Hall win at a WCW event? Hall is giving Bryan a run for his money here. But the match spilled to the outside and Bryan put him in the Lebell Lock.

Match 2. Extreme Rules - Show vs. Edge vs. Rock vs. Taker  World Heavyweight Championship
Even though I complain about Show vs. Taker, I had to put him in this match. The Rock deserves a shot at the title. Show and Taker went at it while Rock and Edge kept each other occupied. There were weapons all over the ring. Taker pinned Rock while Show performed his finisher on Edge.

Match 3. Battle Royal - Foley vs. Batista vs. Clay vs. Punk
I accidently simulated this match. I wanted to edit it, but I was going too fast. Punk won.

Match 4. Red Army (Miz and Clay) vs. Luchadors (Bourne and Kofi)  WWE Unified Tag Titles
I know Clay is pulling double duty, but the battle royal should have never happened. Show was already in a match or else The Bullies (Show and Nash) would be the challengers. Kofi and Bourne used their quickness to land whatever moves they could on their opponents. Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale to retain.

Match 5. Michaels vs. Orton vs. Ziggler  United States Championship
Triple threats may be my favorite to watch in Universe because there are so many near falls. It keeps it dramatic. I'm hoping Ziggler wins so HBK and Orton could move on to bigger and better things, like the WWE Title. Dolph landed the Fame-asser on Randy then locked in the sleeper to make him tap.

After the match, Gabriel came in and threw HBK out of the ring. He then shook Dolph's hand.

Main Event. Inferno - Cena vs. Kane  WWE Championship
Well, this stipulation seems fitting. The flames were quickly at 500 degrees, but nothing happened. Cena almost threw Kane in the fire, but he pushed him away. Kane almost threw Cena, but he broke out of it. Kane was sent through the ropes and set on fire.

Recap: I'm a little pissed I simulated that battle royal. Oh well. I was able to put all five titles on the line and they were all great matches. The World and US titles were the only ones to change hands. I bet we get more Taker vs. Show matches.

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