Wednesday, March 14, 2012

April Week 1, Year 2

With the new rosters and titles set, let's get this new year under way.

Match 1. Hardys vs. Edge and Christian
We are starting Raw off with a bang. The match started on the ramp as Edge and Christian attacked the Hardys. E&C quickly won the match with a Northern lights suplex on Matt.

After the match, E&C grabbed chairs and attacked the Hardys.

Match 2. Godfather vs. Henry
Former members of the Nation of Domination battle in a mid-card match. Godfather was in complete control. Henry reversed the Pimp Drop and made Godfather tap with a bear hug.

Match 3. Rock vs. Shamrock w/ Test
The Corporation made Rock their first target of the year. Test was distracting the ref, but Rocky knocked him off the apron. Despite the distractions, Rock won with the Rock Bottom.

After the match, Kurt Angle attacked Rock from behind.

Main Event. Stone Cold vs. Kane
The muscle of the Corporation is taking on the WWF Champ. Mr. McMahon and Test were heading down the ramp, but Austin took them out with a crossbody. Stone Cold hit the Stunner a minute into the match to win.

After the match, Angle and Christian came out. Angle pointed at Austin.

Match 1. Booker vs. Luger
Luger was giving Booker a run for his money. Lex is currently the #1 contender to Flair's WCW Title. Let's see if it'll last. Luger started his career off right by withing with the Torture Rack.

Match 2. Eddie and Rey vs. Steiner and Bagwell
This is a non-title match. Strength vs. speed in this match. Rey was receiving most of the punishment from his opponents. After a completely dominate match, Steiner pinned Eddie.

Match 3. Saturn vs. Malenko vs. Regal vs. Jarrett
There are very good, technical wrestlers in this match. Then, there is Double J. Malenko was my early favorite to win the match. Saturn pinned Jarrett after a very good 4-way match.

After the match, Benoit checked on Malenko, who was laying motionless in the ring.

Main Event. Hall and Nash vs. Sting and Savage
After Mania, Nash and Hall put their differences aside and reunited as a team. Hall and Nash were in control the whole match. Sting received a back body drop and was pinned by Nash.

After the match, the New Age Outlaws showed up on Nitro and took out the nWo!

Recap: With Vince getting involved in the main event, all hell broke loose on the first night of Raw. Steiner and Bagwell are officially a team. Why did the New Age Outlaws show up on Nitro?

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