Thursday, March 15, 2012

April Week 4, Year 2

Match 1. Battle Royal - X-Pac vs. Godfather vs. Christian vs. Henry vs. Jeff vs. Shamrock  European Title
Six days before Extreme Rules, so I figured another title match was due. Christian was the first eliminated. X-Pac was next. There will be a new champion. Shamrock tossed out Henry. Godfather was the 4th eliminated. Shamrock tossed out Jeff to win the title.

Match 2. Rock vs. Edge and Angle
Rock was doing everything he could, but Edge and Angle seemed to be too much. I wonder what role Vince will play going forward. Angle landed a big moonsault then the Angle Slam for the win.

After the match, Edge grabbed a chair to hit...Vince? But Rock made the save.

Match 3. Test and Kane vs. Stone Cold and Foley
I wonder if Foley will no-show again. He was on the apron as Austin's partner. Kane refused to tag Test in. He was dominating both Foley and Austin. Test did, eventually, come in and when he did, Austin was in control. Kane came back in and hit Foley with the Tombstone. 

Main Event. Taker vs. Billy Gunn
I don't know what Gunn did to deserve this match. Gunn reversed the Last Ride, but he did hit the Tombstone. Angle ran down to the ring and hit the Angle Slam on Taker. Gunn hit the Fame-Asser, but Taker kicked out at 1. After a back suplex, Taker pinned Gunn for a 3-count.

Match 1. Steamboat vs. Saturn
A match between two rising stars on Nitro. The Dragon beat Luger last week and Saturn beat Bret Hart 2 weeks ago. Will Saturn challenge Benoit for the US Title in 2 days? After a scoop slam, Steamboat pinned Saturn to win.

Match 2. Jericho vs. Goldberg vs. DDP
Jericho grabbed a chair about a minute into the match. Jericho kept himself out of the match for the most part. He rarely got involved. Goldberg hit the Jackhammer twice on Jericho. He knocked him out on the third try.

Match 3. New Age Outlaws vs. nWo
We get the first WWF vs. WCW match featuring two big teams. Road Dogg came out alone. Looks like Taker took care of Gunn really good. Dogg was just a piece of meat for these two. Nash hit a running boot while Dogg was in the corner and then pinned him.

After the match, Hall and Nash celebrated their victory.

Main Event. Flair Benoit vs. Hogan w/ Steiner
Can Flair beat Hogan even with Scott Steiner at ringside? Flair walked out of the back holding his arm. He found a replacement in Chris Benoit. Early on, Hogan and Steiner were double teaming Benoit. He was able to lock in the crossface, but Hogan escaped. Hogan "Hulked up" and knocked Benoit out.

After the match, Steiner picked up a chair and hit Benoit a couple of times. Hogan then got the chair and hit Benoit again.

Recap: There weren't any #1 Contender's matches on Raw. The European Title is now with the Corporation. I think that cutscene on Raw was glitched. Vince should have made the save. Angle has joined Edge and Christian, forming Team ECK. 

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