Friday, March 9, 2012

January Week 3, Year 2

Match 1. Swagger vs. Christian vs. Rey vs. Kofi
A 4-way match trying to fit Superstars on the show before Royal Rumble. Kofi was been left hanging by his "partner", Bourne. Swagger won with the gutwrench powerbomb.

Match 2. Triple H vs. Orton, Clay, and Bourne
Is this feud heading towards an end? I wonder if anyone will help Triple H. Trip's best chance to win is to keep Bourne in the ring. Clay hit Triple H with his finisher.

Match 3. Batista vs. Rhino
Rhino is taking on the current number one contender to Cena's title. If Rhino can win, that will be a huge statement. Rhino broke out of the Batista Bomb. After a belly-to-belly, Rhino hit the Gore to win.

Main Event. Cena vs. Punk
Clay attacked Punk while he was heading to the ring. Punk was able to recover and locked Cena in the Anaconda Vice to win.

Match 1. Booker vs. Miz
This was a pretty good opening match. No real history or beef between these two. Miz hit Skull Crushing Finale to win.

Match 2. Barrett vs. Sheamus
The new US Champ taking on one of his possible challengers. Time may be winding down on when Sheamus could defend his title. Miz made his way to the ring with a chair. The interference meant nothing as Sheamus hit the Celtic Cross to win.

Match 3. Rhodes vs. Edge
These two men are on the verge of challenging Hall for the World Title. Edge took part in a contender's match last week which Morrison won. Edge won this match with the spear.

After the match, Edge, Sheamus and Morrison attacked Rhodes. JoMo grabbed a chair for Edge to use.

Main Event. Hall vs. Nash
I introduced Scott Hall trying to remake the nWo but they have done nothing but fight. Hall was in control for the whole match. He ended it with the Outsider's Edge.

After the match, Bryan came out and pointed at Hall, most likely saying I'm next in line.

Recap: Husky Harris is no longer with Smackdown. This is part of the new roster initiative. You may be seeing new Superstars appearing on both shows. Morrison is back as a heel. 

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