Sunday, March 11, 2012


Match 1. Chamber - Cena vs. Kane vs. Batista vs. Punk vs. Michaels vs. Clay  WWE Championship
This could be a really good chamber match, with the Superstars it has. The first two were Batista and Kane. Kane threw Batista into a pod. The first man out of the pod was WWE Champ John Cena. Punk was the next to enter. Clay came out to add to the mix. No one has been eliminated yet. HBK was finally out and now all six men are fighting. Clay eliminated Batista. He then eliminated Punk a couple of minutes later. HBK made Cena tap from the Sharpshooter. There will be a new champion! HBK pinned Kane with a Northern lights suplex. After a a Black Hole Slam, Clay pinned Michaels to become the new champ.

Match 2. Eddie vs. Benoit
With only two title matches, I have a lot of room to have some fun. I thought these two had some great in-ring talent. Neither man could get the upper hand. Benoit was able to lock in the Crippler Crossface and Eddie tapped.

Match 3. Triple H and X-Pac vs. Orton and Bourne
The Game was always at a disadvantage when facing Orton and his crew. So, he called up X-Pac to even the odds. Are you ready? Both wearing are wearing the classic green and black. Bourne and Pac were going back and forth. They were evenly-matched. Triple H hit the Pedigree on Orton.
Match 4. Warrior vs. Bret Hart vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Hogan
Yes, this match all WCW Superstars. You should be able to figure out where my Universe is heading after Mania... It was a brutal 4-way match. Hogan won with his multiple right hands to knock Jeff out.

Match 5. New Age Outlaws vs. APA
These two had classic tag team matches during the, um, past. I didn't want to give too much away. Farooq was being dominated (no pun intended) by NAO. Bradshaw was finally able to come in the ring. Gunn hit the Fame-Asser on Bradshaw to win.

Main Event. Chamber - Hall vs. Edge vs. Taker vs. Sheamus vs. Nash vs. Morrison  World Championship
I like this one, too, because of there are a couple guys who could become 1st-time champs. Nash and Sheamus started the chamber. The next to enter was Morrison. The champ came out of his pod second. Edge's pod opened next. Taker, the former champ, would be the last to enter. Hall and Nash were going at it once all six men were in the ring. Nash moved on to Morrison, hit him with the Jackknife and pinned him. Edge pinned the champ after a spear. Looks like there will be a new champ on Smackdown, as well. Edge was eliminated after a Tombstone. Nash pinned Sheamus after a leg drop. Taker won his title back when he pinned Nash after a Tombstone.

After the match, Morrison raised Taker's hand in celebration.

Recap: The Raw chamber match was very exciting. I don't like Clay as champ, though. There were a lot of finishers performed and many near-falls. Eddie and Benoit was a really good match. Xpac and HHH are officially a team. The Smackdown chamber match was a lot better. I liked those who were in it and the winner. Edge turned face.

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