Friday, March 9, 2012

January Week 4, Year 2

6 days away from the Royal Rumble! I have some surprises for you.

Match 1. Latino Heartbreak vs. Cosa Nostra
Two teams looking to challenge the Red Army for the tag titles. This is a tornado tag match, all 4 men in at once. Del Rio made HBK tap with the cross armbar.

Match 2. Triple H vs. Orton, Clay, and Bourne
For the second week in a row, HHH has his work cut out for him. HHH was waiting for his opponents, but Orton attacked him from behind. Orton went for the RKO, but HHH reversed. He tried the Pedigree but Orton reversed it and hit the RKO to win. It took 31 seconds.

Match 3. Punk vs. Rhino
After defeating Triple H and Batista, Rhino now faces Punk. Ever since he debuted, Rhino has been on a tear. Rhino hit 2 Alabama Slams. Rey ran to the ring and went after Rhino! Punk went for a moonsault but Rhino put his knees up. Rhino then hit the Gore for the win.

Main Event. Falls Count Anywhere - Cena vs. Batista
These two meet 6 days before they meet at Royal Rumble when the title will be on the line. Cena grabbed a chair, but Batista took it away from him. The match spilled out in front of the announcers. Cena hit the AA but Batista was able to kick out. Cena hit another AA after reversing a Batista Bomb to win

Match 1. Barrett vs. Miz
These two men are looking to get to the top. Will the Rumble match be that opportunity for them? Edge ran down to the ring and him and Wade hit a double team move on Miz. Miz did recover and tried to hit Skull Crushing Finale. Wade reversed it and landed Wasteland to win.

Match 2. Rhodes vs. Sheamus
Sheamus taking on another possible challenger. Rhodes is making a case for himself to be the next challenger. The lights went out during the match and Undertaker appeared behind Sheamus. Now he's just walking out ringside. Sheamus won with the Celtic Cross.

Match 3. Taker vs. Edge
Before the match started, Edge went for a handshake, but he began stomping Taker down to the mat. After that betrayal, Taker made this match pretty even. Edge bodyslammed Taker and hit him with the spear.

After the match, Edge was about to leave the ring but he turned about and continued stomping Taker.

Main Event. Hell in a Cell - Hall vs. Morrison
Only 2 days before the title is on the line, they face in a Hell in a Cell match. If this is the stipulation now, what will happen at Royal Rumble? Hall rolled out of the ring, trying to recuperate. He got back in the ring, whipped Morrison into the corner and hit a Rock Bottom-like move and got the 3-count.

Recap: Rhino is 3-1 since debuting. I repeat, Raw is out of control. There are at least 2 run-ins every week. They need some order. What is Undertaker doing? 

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