Sunday, March 11, 2012

February Week 4, Year 2

As soon as he won the title, Taker tossed out the painted "WCW" title and brought back the original World Heavyweight Championship. 5 weeks until WrestleMania.

Match 1. Kane vs. Christian
Vader punched out Captain Charisma as he was heading to the ring. Clay was sitting at ringside when he also punched Christian. Kane brought him into the ring and pinned him after a mudhole stomping.

After the match, Vader came back to the ring and assaulted Christian. Kane fought off Vader.

Match 2. Batista vs. Cena
This is the first time Cena isn't champion in months. The match spilled to the outside where Batista took control. Batista reversed out of the AA and hit a Batista Bomb. Is this the downfall of Cena?

Match 3. Latino Heartbreak vs. Luchadors
Bourne finally returns to teaming with Kofi. Is Bourne back as a face? They didn't miss a beat as they hit HBK with a double-team move. In their first match back as a team in a while, they beat HBK and Eddie.

Main Event. Champ vs. Champ - Clay vs. Taker
Who will Nash face as WrestleMania? Clay was in control of Taker in the early going. Taker rose from the dead, came back and hit the Tombstone.

After the match, Morrison and Sheamus pointed at Taker.

Match 1. Lesnar vs. Hall vs. Show
Brock was heading to the ring when Show came out from under it and attacked Lesnar. During the match, Hall and Lesnar teamed up and went after Show. Out of nowhere, Show hit Hall with the Showstopper.

Match 2. Rhodes vs. Morrison
Two youngs guys trying to make a name for themselves. Though, Rhodes was doing most of the offense. Bryan ran to the ring. Morrison went after him first and hit the Moonlight Dive. Because of the distraction, Cody his Cross Rhodes.

Match 3. Nash vs. Miz
The Royal Rumble winner still hasn't picked what title he will challenge for. Nash was dominating the whole time. He hit the big boot and Jackknife to win.

Main Event. Edge vs. Sheamus
Taker attacked Sheamus from behind before the match started. Does he want Sheamus's US Title, too? Despite the attack, Sheamus was keeping the pressure on Edge. He hit the Celtic Cross for the win.

Recap: Nothing happened. Not surprised, since we are 5 weeks away from Mania.

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