Monday, March 5, 2012

October Week 1

Before the draft matches, I released Regal, Kidd and Foley. I will determine which Superstar switches by choosing "random" on the select wrestler screen.

Match 1. Michaels vs. Ziggler
Ziggler was making his way to the ring and Gabriel was in the audience. He punched Dolph and walked to the back. Another cut scene showed Edge also in the audience. He also punched Ziggler. The match never made it in the ring as HBK hit an atomic drop then pinned Dolph.

After the match, Gabriel walked back to the ring and attacked Ziggler. HBK made the save and knocked Justin out of the ring.

Match 2. Draft match - Batista vs. Henry
This seems like a pretty even match. The winner will get a pick for their show. Each show has 19 Superstars as of now. A very good back and forth match that ending with the World's Strongest Slam.
Match 3. Draft match - CM Punk vs. Eddie Guerrero
Punk is wearing his Macho Man tribute attire. I created it and it looks really good. Another evenly fought match. Clay walked down to the ring with a chair. Punk was going to hit the GTS on him, but Eddie broke it up. Eddie then hit the Three Amigos on the outside. Punk got back on offense and hit the GTS on Eddie to win a pick for Raw.
Main Event. TLC - Cena vs. Kane
Man, every time these two face, there has to be a stipulation. HBK was shown at ringside with a ticket in hand. Cena and Kane were on the ladder when Cena hit a sunset flip and put Kane through a table. Despite receiving about three AAs and holding his ribs most of the match, Kane won.

After the match, Kane was about to leave but he came back and stomped on Cena.


Match 1. Lesnar and Bryan vs. Hall and DiBiase
Finally, the tag match I've been waiting for. Brock and Daniel were walking to the ring when Hall and Ted left and attacked them on the ramp. The match made it back into the ring. It ended when DiBiase hit Dream Street on Lesnar.

After the match, Ted attacked Bryan from behind. He placed his head against the steel post and kicked it.

Match 2. Draft match - Miz vs. Christian
In real life, both of these guys have the same personality - smug, cocky, and can be funny at times. Right after receiving a superplex, Christian won with the Killswitch.

Match 3. Draft match - The Rock vs. Stone Cold
The greatest rivalry in WWE. Rocky turned Austin inside out with a huge clothesline. The Rock won with the spinebuster, leading to the Rock Bottom.
Main Event. Iron Man - Taker vs. Edge
Edge was making his way to the ring when Ziggler attacked him from behind. Undertaker hit the Tombstone with 11:09 left to score first. He then pinned Edge for his second point. Taker pinned Edge with 8:53 left to score his third point. Edge reversed the Tombstone, but he was pinned at 8:03. Taker is up 4-0. Less than 4 minutes left and Taker is up 6-0. Another Tombstone and another point for Taker. Edge finally scored with 35 seconds left. Taker kicked out at 2 and Edge attacked the ref. The final score was 7-1.

After the match, Taker held up the...Cruiserweight title? Anyway, Christian came from behind and hit Taker with it

Raw receives: Eddie Guerrero, Drew McIntyre
Smackdown Receives: Dolph Ziggler, Alex Riley

Recap: Wow! The US Champ is on the other show. What's going to happen to the title? How fitting that Eddie is now on Raw. Maybe Drew can get a fresh start on Raw. These draft picks work for me. They were all mid-carders who could freshen up the rosters. I'm also going to edit the allies/rivals because I'm tired of this cross-brand warfare. What a one-sided Iron Man match...

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