Thursday, March 1, 2012

September Week 1

I did add a CAW to the Raw roster, but I won't mention him until he appears.

Match 1. Clay vs. Foley
Clay has won 2 in a row against Foley. Can he make it 3? Foley was on the receiving side of a second-rope splash from Clay, but he got up and used Mr. Socko for the win.

Match 2. Cena vs. Punk
These two have faced each other around 12 times. Whether if it's for the title or not, they are still entertaining. Cena almost hit the AA, but Punk countered. H went for it a second time and was successful.

Match 3. Michaels vs. Orton
Looks like we're getting a little preview before their title match. I wonder if their title match will have a stipulation on it. The Iron Man match was a good one, but can they top it? Orton hit the RKO to win.

As Orton was celebrating, Christian came out and did the "discount double check" motion to Orton.

Main Event. Kane vs. Batista  #1 Contender's match
The winner will take on Cena in 2 weeks. Both men are former champs looking to get back on top. Batista knocked Kane over the head with a chair. Kane then reversed the Batista Bomb. Kane hit the chokeslam outside the ring to win.

After the match, Cena and Bourne came out and pointed at Kane.


Match 1. Show vs. Sheamus, McIntyre, and Kidd
This is one way to take out the champ. I appreciate Sheamus getting Drew and Kidd involved on Smackdown. Show reversed the Celtic Cross and hit the Showstopper. Later, Sheamus pinned the champ.

Match 2. Miz vs. Husky
Harris took on Taker last week, but it resulted in a loss. Looks like Harris is going to take it easy for now. After spilling to the outside for a bit, Harris hit his finisher to win.

Match 3. Bryan vs. Morrison
Daniel was the winner of this match last week. I kind of want to tally Bryan's win/loss record so far. He's been one of the best. Out of nowhere, Bryan put JoMo in the Lebell Lock for the win.

Main Event. Taker vs. Edge  #1 Contender's match
Show and Taker have been together in 5 World Title matches. Please, Edge, don't let it get to 6. Taker ran to the ring and took Edge to the ground before the bell rang. A chair was quickly brought into the ring. Taker hit Old School then the Tombstone to end this match early.

Recap: Is Christian Orton's next challenger? I'm looking forward to October so I can revamp the rosters. Now added to the PPV is Kane vs. Cena and Show vs. Taker...again.

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