Thursday, March 15, 2012

April Week 2, Year 2

Unless it's for obvious reasons, I won't be editing the card that much. I wanna see how Universe books the Attitude and Nitro stars.

Match 1. Extreme Rules - Al Snow vs. Foley vs. Big Show  Hardcore Championship
Since it is no longer the secondary title on Raw, the Hardcore Title will be defended on Raw every so often. Show grabbed a garbage can, Snow grabbed a chair and Foley brought in a table. Foley put Snow through the table. Foley hit Snow with Mr. Socko to win the title.

Match 2. Vince vs. Rock
After getting through Test, Rocky now gets the Chairman. As Rocky was making his way to the ring, Angle came out from under the ring and attacked Rock. To send a message to the rest of the corporation, Rocky grabbed a chair. Vince took it away and countered many of Rocky's moves. He then hit the Mac Stunner for the win.

After the match, Vince went to shake Rocky's hand, but he slapped it away. 

Match 3. Taker vs. Henry
Taker is looking to take Henry down a peg after his win over the Godfather. Taker was slowly punished Henry. Taker wanted to send a message, so he picked up a chair. Taker hit the Tombstone on the outside and pinned him for the win.

Main Event. Table - Austin vs. Angle
After what happened when Raw closed, these two wasted no time facing each other. The table stipulation seems early in the feud, but things can only get better. There were three tables in the ring, but no one has gone through them, yet. Stone Cold finally speared Angle through a table to win.

After the match, Test and Kane pointed at Austin.

Match 1. Bret vs. Saturn
After winning the 4-way match last week, Saturn will be challenged taking on The Hitman. This was a very technical match - nothing fancy, nothing high risk. Saturn hit a corkscrew fisherman's suplex to score the victory.

Match 2. Dragon vs. Chavo vs. Steamboat
The Cruiserweight champion is looking at two of his possible challengers down the road. The champ was being beaten by both of his opponents. In what was a very entertaining match, Steamboat won with his finisher off the top rope.

Match 3. nWo vs. Sting and Savage
Are the New Age Outlaws going to appear again? Dogg and Gunn attacked nWo as they made their way to the ring. Sting and Savage were double teaming Hall outside the ring, using a chair in the process. Hall was able to tag out. Nash hit Sting with a back body drop and knocked him out.

After the match, the New Age Outlaws ambushed Nash and Hall.

Main Event. Iron Man - Flair vs. Luger
If Luger could beat the champ in an Iron Man match, then he could beat him at the PPV when the title is on the line. Hogan came out and Luger wanted him to help with Flair. Hogan then took down Luger. Flair didn't know what to think about it. Flair scored the first point with 9:17 left. I missed his second fall,but Flair went up 3-0 with 6:44 left. He pinned Luger at 5:30 to score his 4th point. Flair hit another finisher at 4:33 to go up 5-0. Flair has been in complete control. Luger finally scored with 3:02 left with the Torture Rack. He hit another Torture Rack with 1:15 left in the match, 5-2. After a huge clothesline, Flair pinned Luger with 37 seconds left. It looks like Luger isn't even close to being in Flair's league.To make it worse, Flair scored his 7th point with 3 seconds left.

After the match, Steiner and Hogan beat down Flair.

Recap: The Corporation has their sights set on Rock and now Austin. What do the WWF Tag Champs want with the nWo? Why are all my Iron Man matches blowouts? 

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