Thursday, March 15, 2012

April Week 3, Year 2

Match 1. APA vs. Triple H and X-Pac
Farooq and HHH started the match. Pac was quickly tagged in. After receiving a piledriver, Farooq tagged in Bradshaw. The match spilled to the outside on a couple of occasions. Farooq reversed Triple H and pinned him on the outside to win.

Match 2. Rock vs. Vince
Edge attacked Rock as he was walking to the ring. Can Vince make it 2-0 against The People's Champ? Mid-way through the match, Kurt Angle came in and took out both men. Vince kicked out at 2 after a Rock Bottom. Vince pinned Rocky after a quick bodyslam.

After the match, Angle came back into the ring and continued his beatdown of The Rock. Vince turned around and saved Rocky.

Match 3. Austin and Foley vs. Kane and Test
Austin was shown coming out alone. Despite not having Foley, Austin was holding his own against these two big guys. Austin wins by pinned Test after a huge DDT.

After the match, Foley was at the top of the ramp clapping for Stone Cold.

Main Event. Taker vs. Angle
We saw Kurt interfere in Rocky's match earlier in the night. The match quickly moved to the outside but was brought back in the ring. Taker hit Angle with the Tombstone, but wasn't done yet. He grabbed a chair, but Angle evened things up with a sledgehammer. Taker pinned Angle after a high-angle arm drag.

Match 1. Steamboat vs. Luger
Lex got his ass handed to him during the Iron Man match. Steamboat won a tough triple threat match last week. This was a classic match featuring two legends in the business. Steamboat pinned Leger after a diving axe handle. 

Match 2. Rey and Eddie vs. Vader and Regal
Tornado Rules may give Rey and Eddie the advantage, but we'll see. Eddie hit Vader with an explosive Frankensteiner. Vader hit a powerbomb on Eddie, but he kicked out. Rey hit the 619 on Regal to win.

Match 3. nWo vs. Sting and Savage
Will Road Dogg and Billy Gunn appear on Nitro for the third straight week? They weren't seen before the match, so they could appear afterwards. All four men were getting their offense in. After many tags, Nash ended it with a Jackknife on Savage. 

Main Event. Hogan and Steiner vs. Flair and ??? Benoit
Who could Flair's partner be? Benoit is his partner. Hogan went for a handshake but faked it and knocked down Flair. As soon as Benoit was in, he hit Hogan with a German suplex. After that, though, Benoit was manhandled by Hogan and Steiner. Benoit later hit the triple Germans on Hogan. This match has been very back and forth. It finally ended when Steiner pinned Benoit after a double team atomic drop/big boot combo.

Recap: McMahon is now a face. Is Vince leaving the Corporation? What about Foley, why did he ditch Austin? There was no sign of Gunn and Dogg this week. 

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