Wednesday, March 7, 2012

November Week 3

No #1 contender's matches scheduled on Raw this week. Survivor Series is this Sunday.

Match 1. The Luchadors vs. Cosa Nostra
I choose tornado tag matches because they are a lot shorter than standard tag matches. But this one is proving me wrong. A couple of steel chairs were brought into the ring. I believe Bourne and Kofi is the only original team I kept. Del Rio forced Kofi to tap from the armbar.

After the match, Nash and Show attacked them with their tag titles.

Match 2. Kane vs. Punk
This may be the #1 contender's match, just not labeled. Like most of their other matches, this was an evenly-fought match. Punk eventually won with the GTS.

Match 3. Triple H vs. Christian
Not a bad match-up. Orton attacked Christian from behind as he was making his way to the ring...wearing the Light Heavyweight Title. Despite the attack, Christian won with the Killswitch.

Main Event. Cena vs. Michaels
I made this match to make sure the champ is in shape for the PPV. Kane was shown in the front row with a ticket. Cena hit the AA to win.

Orton came to the ring and tossed HBK out of it. He then grabbed Cena's arm and raised it in celebration.

Match 1. Miz vs. Edge
I don't know if this match will affect the World Title match at the PPV. After a hard-fought match from both men, Edge won with the spear from the top rope.

Match 2. Ryan and Kane vs. Lesnar and Harris
What is it with the NXT guys being released, yet still appearing on cards? This is Lesnar's first match in over a month. As Ryan was reaching to tag in, Lesnar hit the F5 on Kane.

Match 3. Henry vs. Sheamus, Show and Morrison
Even Henry may have a hard time with a 1-on-3 match. Show, Henry, and JoMo teamed up to take on Nash a month ago, but anything can happen in Universe mode. Sheamus hit Henry with the Celtic Cross to win.

Main Event. Nash vs. Hall
Oh man, the outsiders facing each other! I thought they would be teaming up by now. I don't remember ever seeing these two face in real life. Hall hit the fallaway slam and the Outsider's Edge to win.

Recap: There will be at least 2 elimination 6-man tag matches. I wish they would have a 4-on-4 tag match, like traditional Survivor Series matches, but this will do. Nothing in the "news" section for either show.

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