Thursday, March 1, 2012

September Week 2

Taker is the #3 contender for the IC Title? Oh man. I also added another CAW to the Smackdown roster, but his name will not be revealed.

Match 1. Orton vs. Christian
Welcome back to the Raw card, Christian. Your opponent - Orton. It was a good back and forth match. Christian won with the Killswitch. I hope this translate to a feud for the US title soon.

Match 2. Punk vs. Ryan
With Punk out of the title picture for now, he'll be occupied with the mid-card. The match went to the outside for a little, but it eventually came back in the ring. Ryan won after hitting his finisher.

Match 3. Batista vs. Truth
Along with Punk, Batista is going to have to wait until he can try and challenge for the WWE title. Batista was in complete control against Truth. Batista had his powerbomb reversed. Truth hit his finisher and won.

Main Event. DX vs. Clay and Miz
For one night only, D-Generation X reunites to take on the tag team champions. DX was making their way to the ring, but Orton and Truth attacked them from behind. After the beatdown, DX was in complete control. Clay and Miz were rarely on offense. After a leg drag, HBK hit the Sweet Chin Music to win.


Match 1. Big Show vs. Sheamus
After being pinned by the Celtic Warrior, Show is looking for revenge. Sheamus was making his way to the ring, when Drew appeared in the crowd. He knocked out Sheamus. A little later on, a cut scene showed Kidd sitting in the crowd. Sheamus went over to talk and Kidd punched him out, too. Show capitalized and won.

After the match as Show was leaving the ring, Drew came in and attacked Sheamus. Show came back and saved Sheamus.

Match 2. Booker T vs. Morrison
Morrison keeps on downgrading his opponents. First Taker, then Miz, and now Booker. I don't like we'll be seeing JoMo challenging for the World Title any time soon. Morrison was putting the focus on Booker's back with a back suplex and a backbreaker. Morrison won with Moonlight Drive.

Match 3. Nash vs. Harris
I was not looking forward to this big-man match. I really don't care for either star. Bryan interfered and...did absolutely nothing. Nash hit the Jackknife outside of the ring, where most of the match took place.

Main Event. Bryan vs. Edge
During the match, Sheamus interfered. Edge was looking to team with him but Sheamus kicked Edge in the gut. Bryan won with a pinfall.

Recap: Nothing notable happened on Raw or Smackdown.

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