Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Match 1. Eddie and Rey vs. nWo  WCW Tag Team Championship
After dealing with the New Age Outlaws and Sting and Savage, Nash and Hall finally get their title shot. Hall started it off against Eddie, then focused on Rey. Eddie hit the Brainbuster on Nash. A couple of minutes later, Nash hit the Jackknife on Rey and pinned him for the win.

Match 2. Iron Man - Goldust vs. Test  Intercontinental Championship
This is the Corporation's second attempt at gold. The first attempt was successful as Shamrock captured the European Title. Goldust hit the Final Cut with 10:50 left to score the first point. Test hit a modified F5 to tie the score with 8:45 left in the match. Goldust hit another Final Cut at the 7:30 mark, 2-1. Test tied it with his finisher again at 6:27. Test took a 3-2 lead after turning Goldust inside out with a huge clothesline. After a knee to Test's head, Goldust scored his third point. After about 3 minutes of back and forth action, Test hit his finisher for the 5th point (I apparently missed the 4th). Test wins the IC Title by a score of 5-3.

After the match, Goldust was carried away on a stretcher.

Match 3. Extreme Rules - Flair vs. Nash vs. Saturn  WCW Championship
Can Nash capture the WCW Title tonight, too? Perry brings in the first weapon - a guitar. Flair is staying back, letting the other two go at it. Saturn hit a T-bone suplex on Flair, then Nash hit the Jackknife on Saturn. The match continued with many weapons brought into the mix. There was a table on fire at one point. Flair retained after hitting Saturn with his finisher, which is grabbing the um, male area really hard.

Match 4. Rock n Sock vs. Shamrock and Kane
The Corporation is taking over the PPV. Foley tagged in Rock as Kane grabbed a chair. He DDT'd Rocky on it. Rock and Foley were making use of the quick tags, isolating Shamrock. He and Kane were doing the same to Foley. After a long, back and forth match, Kane pinned Rock.

Match 5. Benoit vs. Steamboat  United States Championship
Two men going at it with very similar styles. I expect this match to be better than the WCW Title match. Each man reversed the other's attacks. Benoit locked in the Crossface but Steamboat broke out of it. The latter part of the match was all Steamboat. He was hitting move after move off the top rope. He finally won after a cross body from the top.

Main Event. Extreme Rules - Austin vs. Angle  WWF Championship
Austin was in control, hitting a suplex and a backbreaker during the early going. Angle made things worse for Angle by hitting him with a table. Out of nowhere, Angle hit the Angle Slam. He then evened the odds by hitting Austin with a mop. Yeah, a mop. But he wasn't affected and hit Angle with a Stone Cold Stunner to retain.

After the match, a medical personnel checked on Angle who was lying in the middle of the ring.

Recap: The nWo's reign on WCW begins now. The WCW Title match was 20 minutes of awesomeness. WCW has put on some good matches in the short time they've been around. Angle and Goldust are injured indefinitely.

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