Monday, March 5, 2012


The draft was a success. I finished the edits with the allies/rivals. I hope that fixes Gabriel appearing on shows where he is not wanted. No World Title match, weird.

Match 1. Steel Cage - Ziggler vs. Michaels  United States Championship
Will Dolph keep the US Title on Smackdown or can HBK bring the title home? HBK wore down Ziggler all over. He hit the Sweet Chin Music and then immediately escaped the cage. The US Title is back on Raw.

Match 2. Red Army vs. The Bullies  Unified Tag Championship
I knew this tag match would eventually happen. Show isn't challenging for the World Title, so he and Nash are going after the tag belts. Nash and Show each hit their finishers on their opponents and pinned them simultaneously to become new tag champs.

Match 3. Steel Cage - Edge vs. Rhodes vs. Morrison
It was very clear that it was every man for himself. Cody was trying to pull Edge down from the cage, but JoMo kept attacked Cody. Edge was able to escape.

Match 4. Hell in a Cell - Bryan vs. Scott Hall vs. Sheamus  Intercontinental Championship
Another PPV, another title shot for the Bad Guy. I thought Bryan had a good chance to lose during his last triple threat, but now that this is in hell in a cell, the chances are even higher. Hall went for the Outsider's Edge about 10 times and he might have only hit it 3 times. Bryan won with a crucifix pin on Sheamus while Hall was down.
Match 5. Battle Royal - Batista vs. Austin vs. Kane vs. HHH
Triple H is donning his purple attire of his Evolution days. Stone Cold was the first to go. HHH was eliminated by Batista. Kane ran his knee into Batista head to win the match.

Main Event. Hell in a Cell - Cena vs. Punk  WWE Championship
Well, as much as I hate Cena, I'm glad it's not Kane vs. Cena. Punk was able to kick out of the AA. After a big belly-to-belly, Cena pinned Punk to retain.

Recap: It's interesting that once you go back into Universe after a good night's sleep, they decide to change the non-title matches. What was once a triple threat steel cage is now a last man standing match. But I'm going to change the card to how it originally was. Bryan is the LUCKIEST man in Universe.

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