Wednesday, March 7, 2012

October Week 3

Universe keeps booking Edge/Gabriel vs. Ziggler/HBK, but I will not allow it. Gabriel is not on a show and I'm not letting Smackdown stars fight on Raw.

Match 1. Michaels vs. McIntyre vs. Eddie vs. Del Rio
The US Champ and three possible contenders. Eddie and HBK were a team last week, but it's every man for himself. Del Rio was able to put Eddie in the armbar to make him tap. HBK was a little late hitting the SCM.

Match 2. Orton vs. Ryan, Kane and Christian
All Orton needs to do is find a way to hit the RKO and it'll be over. Orton was getting his ass kicked by all three men. Kane came in, hit a side slam and a chokeslam to end the match.

Main Event. Batista vs. Clay
Batista ran to the ring and charged at Clay. He then hit a belly-to-belly and a spinebuster. After all that, he hit the Batista Bomb to win.

After the match, Swagger and Punk were at the top of the ramp. They embraced Batista with open arms.


Match 1. Nash vs. Show, Henry and ??? Morrison
Looks like even though The Bullies are tag champs, they are having some miscommunication right now. The third man was Morrison. Henry hit a super fall away slam. First time I ever saw that. Nash did the same move to JoMo and Henry. Nash was able to hit the Jackknife on Show to win.

Match 2. Rhodes vs. Husky
Both men lost last week, so they are looking for some redemption. Cody won with Cross Rhodes. There is really nothing else to say.

Match 3. Miz vs. Barrett
I imagine Red Army (Clay and Miz) will get a rematch at the PPV. Barrett had the couple of shots at the IC Title, but he couldn't get it done. Miz won with Skull Crushing Finale.

After the match, Barrett raised Miz's hand in celebration.

Recap: That's right, there were only 3 matches on each show for some reason. The only newsworthy item is that Barrett is now a face.

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